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  1. kristy, do you think its possible to fall in love with you before meeting or knowing you? hahaha kidding girl you got some taste buds. dope post props to LA keep this thread bumping
  2. damn i need to be a busy bee in the behive..ahhh that shit is dope seattle coming with mad flavor...would be nice to see more fun pics keep this thread bumping........!
  3. the motor yard got my juices pumping hahaha, its all about the risk and the tren character
  4. yep all i see is a saber piece the other pics not working..
  5. biters rule the universe tits crew with the mad dopeness for shizzy, that first throwie siiiick!
  6. like that one under the bridge, hmmm zoueh?
  7. they allowed you to do that shit... anyway its pretty dope, reminds me of that old game damn forget what it was called but it came free with the sega genisis, i think it was altered beast...but that kind of sounds wrong
  8. i thought it was haile selassie, oh wells all praise to jah where in jamaica do i live..right near the beach boyeeee, shabba
  9. charlibucket


    cbs shit is fuckin dope.........! shapeshifters rock harder then elvis well maybe, i really like the gas prison looking piece..circus verse is iller then a subway hot dog in liverwurst
  10. charlibucket


    i really am feeling the drye piece/bomb with the skeleton esel and deis are pretty fuckin hot also
  11. fukin klash the killa kanaka fucking false crack medivak to the wall, i remember seeing that dope piece..
  12. awake would burn atak in a celebrity look alike contest ...LOL
  13. dope fuckin thread keep it going, more pics more pics more pics
  14. why do you care so much..? LOL just trying to be funny sorry i guess i ain't that good
  15. af bastards..........skum lifers
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