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  1. thehavenots


    that very last flick, i can't tell what it says because i'm too busy thinking "onorok". dick riders.
  2. fuzzy, thank you so much for posting these pics. i had a whole rack of flicks and sketches he gave me to hold on to when him and vortex caught that case, but after moving around so much, things get lost. i can't even begin to imagine how good he would be today, i honestly think he'd be up there with some of the top names. i'll see you again someday, bobby. rest in peace.
  3. thehavenots


    you know, i was never really that into sigh's stuff, but that shit on the heaven and hell wall is fucking sick. so i'm a little late.
  4. this shit's so dumb. graffiti around here is fucking gay these days.
  5. thehavenots


    great fucking eye on that futura tag, i didn't catch it at first. big bump for that.
  6. and why haven't i met this girl, bitch? and where the hell have you been anyway? if she's good at pool, best holler at a motherfucker, you know i'll hook it up.
  7. thehavenots


    eskobar... good stuff. as far as the montclair thing, i had typed up a looong ass response, but of course it got all fucked up and didn't get posted. in short, as one of the people behind getting it, i won't let that wall die. and if it unfortunately comes to that, it's gonna go out with a bang, i'm talking entire wall production. i'm just calling on people to put some fucking quality work up there. almost everyone that paints there is capable of doing more than just simple pieces, so do more. i'll point the finger of blame at myself first. anyway, if anyone wants to make the shit look good again, get at me. that shit's practically in my backyard, so i'm always down.
  8. thehavenots


    but wouldn't it be great if they did....
  9. thehavenots


    thumbs up to nobody contacting me, thus not having all the crew on a wall for the first time. bah. i still paint, you know.
  10. thehavenots


    ps - frenzy and repae = hot. paris hilton jam = hot.
  11. thehavenots


    i'm fucking stoked as shit on that Seno.. my "partner in crime", as it were, for many many years. a lot of his shit has been buffed since most of what we painted was done in the mid 90s and he's since quit writing, but i'll see what i can dig up. me and my "old school" promises...
  12. nice.. loving that toap and envy caboose
  13. so, if i'm making out your biggerish correctly, you're saying the coma and nore story is the best part of that magazine? i think it's funny that out of a 2 page story about them, they only got like 4 paragraphs. that niser interview is by far more interesting than the coma/nore shit. "with the exception of cool disco dan, whose legendary status could never be touched, coma and nore have taken the title of all out dc street kings." now, i admit those dudes have painted a lot of shit, but i can think of at least one writer who i gurantee you i saw more shit by that was left out of that shit because of personal issues. nobody ever said Clear was an unbiased writer, one look at Free Agents will tell you that. and so will this article. anyway, whatever. i'm ranting. hope coma enjoys his new life in cali.
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