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  1. Americans eat 800 million pounds of bologna annually.
  2. damn, I bet. The possibilities are endless...
  3. Best way to cook a steak Get a solid cast iron pan. Preheat your oven to 500° Put your pan on the range, get it smokin hot. Season the steak to taste. Cook the steak 2 min. and flip Cook the steak 2 min. and flip Take it off the range and throw the pan in the preheated oven. Cook 2 min. and flip Cook 2 min. Take it out of the oven, put it on a plate, and let it rest for a few min. This will smoke the fuck out of your place unless you have a commercial ventilation system. So be careful with your smoke detector if you live in an apartment.
  4. Smart, please help us...
  5. One Thomas' brand bagel. Put the bagel in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds. While the bagel is in the microwave grab 2 or 3 slices of bologna and some cheese. Slap it together when the bagel is done. Sometimes I put mayo or miracle whip on that bitch. I know bologna is probably some of the worst shit you could possibly buy in the meat department but it's cheap and some times you catch a bad bounce and have to buckle down. Bagels or tortillas are nice because they have a longer shelf life than regular old bread.
  6. http://mywebpages.comcast.net/whittaker79/StomachAche.gif'>
  7. I got a tattoo up my spine from my tailbone to the back of my neck about a week ago. The worst part of the whole deal was a few days after I got it the thing itched like hell. And you can't scratch it. This went on for a few days and it's just starting to feel better now. I would post pics but I got no scanner and/or digital camera. This was my first tattoo and it's all new to me.
  8. What would Marilyn Monroe be doing if she were alive today? Screaming and clawing at the inside of the coffin. *This works well with anyone that's dead. Change the name to adapt to your current situation. I should have said 2-Pac or something.
  9. Re: Re: dubya kicks ass. Oh Christ...
  10. What a stupid pig fucking bone head. What would a physical fight with a 12 year old be like? Grabbing her by the wrists and putting her in the car? Shit, I take on 3 or 4 of my cousins at a time that are around that age and have no problem. And I'm not a fucking lard ass like that cop more than likely is. People like him should be phased out by the slowest and most painful means. But like someone else said earlier, I'm surprised she didn't get shot 50 or 60 times in "self defense."
  11. http://us.news2.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/p/fi/pr/8744.jpg'> "Alright, everyone get back in the PT Cruiser."
  12. No, what I was kinda saying is... I wouldn't have fucked her before. But now that she's fat, I'd fuck her.
  13. http://www.fatlaneonline.com/ca/ca06.jpg'> http://www.fatlaneonline.com/ca/ca11.jpg'>
  14. Your "fixed" link still doesn't work, cupcake.
  15. http://orlandocarson.com/other%20files/she...vs%20j%20lo.wmv
  16. I like the fat Christina. I'd rather do her now.
  17. In Minneapolis... My buddy got punched in the face by a cop for saying, "George Bush is a cocksucker." It was afterbar and we were all walking down the street with the group, heading back to the car. Wasn't in the cops face or anything I don't even think he was looking at the cop when he said it. After the pig punches him in the face, cuffs him, and puts him in the cop car he tells my friend, "If you call George Bush a cocksucker, you're calling me a cocksucker." Made him wait in the backseat for a while then let him go after giving him a disorderly conduct citation for swearing in public
  18. I almost got into spamming myself. The people I know each make a little over $1,000 a month usually. And all they have to do is leave their computer on while they're at work...Not a bad deal. They use these things... http://www.surecomputers.co.uk/e-comon/ss51shuttlesm.jpg'>
  19. http://www.play.net/images/gs3/bestiary/11251.jpg'>
  20. Yes, very interesting. Don't agree with 100% of it, but it puts the pieces together pretty well.
  21. Murs does one hell of an Aesop Rock impression. I saw a show where he did Daylight and it sounded just like Aesop Rock, fuckin hilarious.
  22. This album made me change my mind about Murs. I like him, good album. El-P actually made some nice beats. I didn't feel it too much on his first album and Felt was kinda...eh ::shrug:: The end of the beginning is pretty solid. A few weak tracks, but overall pretty good. Listen to it if you get a chance, if you wish.
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