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  1. sounds like i have more important books to read before that one
  2. what's the deal with behold a pale horse? it's been recommended to me a couple times, but other than that i haven't heard anything.
  3. awesome not only will i be playing video games, i get to take some shit apart as well thanks plop man brad
  4. Okay, So I don't play console systems often, and the first time I've ever played an xbox was probably a few weeks ago. But right now I'm trying to play my nephews ps2, and it's been mentioned that problems with the dvd drive are common with the ps2. In addition an old roommate of mine is on his 3rd ps2 because of this problem. Is there a method for getting the shit to work when it starts to go out? I think this thing is fucked because i keep getting disk read errors and can't play one damn game. I've tried setting it down on all sides, upside down, smacking it, and blowing out the dr
  5. having a clean bedroom is an awesome feeling i don't smoke unless my room is clean
  6. ...that don't have weapons of mass destruction.
  7. Æ°

    its true

    the post tomorrow morning should be good
  8. The Eels - Railroad Man I feel like an old railroad man Ridin' out on the Bluemont Line Hummin' along Old Dominion Blues Not much to see, and not much left to lose And I know I can walk along the tracks It may take a little longer But I know how to find my way back I feel like an old railroad man Who's really tried the best that he can To make his life add up to something good But this engine no long burns on wood And I guess I may never understand The times that I live in Are not made for a railroad man I feel like an old railroad man Gettin' on board at the
  9. Æ°

    Thug Butt

    Sometimes it seems the more I drink the lower my pants get. Some of my jeans I sag and some I don't. And by sag I mean at the complete maximum saggage there might be a hint of ass crack showing. (if i wasn't wearing underwear) One of the most annoying clothing related things for me is when your boxers get all bunched up above the waist of your pants. Basically what chupa said, no lower than the elastic of your underwear. edit: i just read what TS said about the drinking and the pants, i guess i'm not the only one
  10. give that guy a really bad sinus cold and duct tape his mouth shut
  11. I keep thinking that some day I'll see this thread the title will have been changed to Star Wars: Revenge of the Syph
  12. god damn man...cyborg monkeys i think the idea of technology is just something humans need to convince ourselves that it's possible to evolve our perception of reality, and even manipulate reality. can we even figure out if reality is inside or outside? i'm not stoned
  13. I love reading about this type of stuff because my head is always in the sky and it's excellent ponder material. I'll probably think about this all day tomorrow when I'm at work My perception of human condition as it relates to our technologies has always stemmed from the idea that it's our dependency on technolgy and the way in which it undermines a lot of essential elements for human survival and balance. There are all of these technological advancements that are constantly being made with almost zero resistance or questioning by the public. All can very easily have a huge impact on soc
  14. Has anyone seen more sneak peeks of this yet?
  15. why would you specify what kind of truck it was? edit: not you, but whoever wrote the story
  16. women like it when a guy knows the difference between being submissive and being 'the nice guy' and thats one of the few things i'm sure about
  17. So Napoleon, with the help of his dogs, slaughters anyone who is said to be disloyal.
  18. If I were a Smiths fan, it's the kind of thing I wouldn't tell anyone. Seaking hypothetically of course...
  19. Since mero has gotten all popular lately I've noticed a 42% increase of the word 'nigga' by other users. Have you had the drug talk with your cabbage heads yet?
  20. I'll buy a rib-eye when I get the steak and potatoes jones. Saute some mushrooms with butter and Worcestershire sauce to make that shit proper. A good thing to eat with steak is fresh green beans pan fried with teriyaki sauce, butter, brown sugar, and some of those red pepper packets you get from pizza hut. I'll feel set for the rest of the day after eating a steak and drinking a beer or two. Normally I'd need to eat a steak after reading/writing this but I’m sick and all I've been eating is toast, tea, and oranges, because my appetite is almost zero.
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