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  1. George Bush naked and tied to a swing-set with condoms full of blood hot glued to his neck, while 4 year old white american children throw dirt and sticks at him and strippers are trying to pop the condoms with slingshots and nickels, but they miss every time.

  2. I spent a few weeks on the island of Skyros in Greece, and I still daydream about it.


    We had an apartment that cost 40 euro a night for two people. It was so close to the sea that you could throw a rock from the bed into the water. Every morning we would see a fisherman pulling in the fresh catch of the day that we'd be eating later.


    All day, beach, eat seafood, and repeat. Damn I miss that place.















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  3. i have a nostalgia playlist on blast right now:


    1. Diplo - Florida (1:36)

    2. Diplo - Big Lost (4:39)

    3. Diplo - Sarah (5:26)

    4. Diplo - Into the Sun Feat. Martina Topley-Bird (5:53)

    5. Diplo - Way More (5:56)

    6. Diplo - Money Power Respect (3:51)

    7. Diplo - Diplo Rhythm Feat. Sandra Melody, Vybz Cartel & Pantera Os Danadinhos (4:53)

    8. Diplo - Works (8:52)

    9. Diplo - Indian Thick Jawns Feat. P.E.A.C.E. (3:55)

    10. Diplo - Summer's Gonna Hurt You (8:41)

    11. Diplo - It's All Part of A Bigger Plan (1:46)

    12. 05 (Ian Brown - Manchester Apo (4:48)

    13. Ian Brown - The Gravy Train (4:23)

    14. Soul Position - Blame It On The Jager (3:12)

    15. Sunny Day Real Estate - Bucket Of Chicken (5:27)

    16. The Lemonheads - Being Around (live) (2:57)

    17. jehst - high plains drifter (4:01)

    18. Jehst - Skit (1:05)

    19. 03 - City Of Industry (2:29)

    20. Bluebells - 04 - Bluebells (1:52)

    21. jehst - 1979 (4:00)

    22. Jehst - The Trilogy (3:36)

    23. Jehst - Alcoholic Author (3:48)

    24. Staircase to Stage (3:20)

    25. Artist - Track 10 (2:43)

    26. Jehst Feat. Asaviour - People Under The Weather (3:50)

    27. 11 - The Trilogy (Remix) (3:38)

    28. Marilyn Manson - Tourniquet (4:29)

    29. Marilyn Manson - Irresponisible Hate Anthem (4:17)

    30. Marilyn Manson - Dried up, Tried up, Dead to the World (4:15)

    31. Them - Revenge of the fern (4:53)

    32. P.O.S. - Gimme Gimme Gunshots (4:04)

    33. P.O.S. - P.O.S. / Meth-Head vs. McNugget (3:48)

    34. P.O.S. - P.O.S. / Sarah Silverman (1:46)

    35. P.O.S. - P.O.S. / Kidney Thief (4:13)

    36. Seven Star - Mr Dibbs / Outreach 5 (3:02)

    37. Seven Star - Duran Duran / The chauffeur (5:14)

    38. Mr. Lif - Live from the Plantation (3:58)

    39. Mr. Lif - 06 - Front On This (3:57)

    40. Mr. Lif - 07 - Arise (5:11)

    41. Mr. Lif - 07 - Arise (10:45)

    42. Mr. Lif - Phantom Ft. El-Penis Of Company Blow (6:29)

    43. Mr. Lif - Home Of The Brave (3:45)

    44. Seven Star - Seven Star / An Errors End (3:54)

    45. Seven Star - Seven Star / Super Natural Tangents (4:41)

    46. Seven Star - Seven Star / Intro for Alice (1:01)

    47. Seven Star - Seven Star / Alice (Remix) (4:32)

    48. Seven Star - Seven Star / Clairevoyages (4:11)

    49. Seven Star - Seven Star / Conscious Evolution (3:38)

    50. Seven Star - Seven Star / Conscious Evolution (Remix) (3:46)

    51. Seven Star - Seven Star / Alice (Remix 2) (4:20)

    52. The Vapors Project - Manuvers - Fills (Interlude) (2:02)

    53. Scarub F, Tiombe Lockheart - Freak What You Feel (3:40)

  4. i'm looking out of the office window, down at a crowded city street, and i'm thinking about an experiment that we did in our 7th grade science class. we had two jars that were full of flies, and we would overfeed the flies in one jar, and underfeed the flies in the other jar.


    the flies that we overfed would become overpopulated, and eventually every fly in that jar would die. the underfed flies would not increase it's population very much, but there would be live flies in the underfed jar for a much longer duration than the overfed jar.

  5. 1. The Federal Reserve doesn't issue bonds, but rather notes. Bonds are issued by the Treasury, and have been traded electronically for many years now. They haven't been issued in $500mil and $1bil denominations for decades.


    2. $134bil would represent something like 15-20% of Japan's holding. Holdings and trades are tracked very closely, someone would definitely notice if it went astray. If Japan wanted to reduce it's holding they would simply sell it on the market.

    It's not rational to think a couple of guys are smuggling it in a briefcase through Italy.


    3. Bond scams have been around for a while. See christo's first post. And also here.


    4. Fill in the blanks.


    My thoughts: the Italian authorities blew this out of proportion. A couple of sources reported on it immediately thinking it was big, then no one ever followed up because everyone realised it wasn't important (ref point 3.)


    Firstly, I don't doubt the possibility they're counterfeit, however I would like to see something concrete in the media. So far, I haven't been able to find an official statement, or any trustworthy coverage on this after it happened.


    Of course I know that bond scams have been around for a while, but I just find it unusual that no one has ever followed up on this story in the media, considering it's probably the largest bond scam in history. Surely it's newsworthy.


    The whole thing is so bizarre to me.

  6. Fake. Just some low level underworld shady scam business.


    Can't seriously think they would rock up at Basel with billions of dollars worth of PAPER bonds to try and sell.

    And no one would notice. A trade is a trade - it will register anyways.


    Where the fuck do you even get them in paper anymore?


    Then some Blogger somewhere turned it into an international conspiracy about Japan dumping 'worthless' US bonds.


    Do you have a link or anything?


    Like an official statement from Italy, the US, Japan, or Switzerland?

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