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  1. is that considered a throwup..looks like a cop out for not knowing how to do letters... look at the flick with dare and spek it looks like they painted them as little do-dads.. i mean alot of people draw those on the side of their throwy... next someone will be painting spit bubbles talking about its they throwy.... that shit is corny
  2. yo no offense but putting phame and especially vyles in the same catagory as skuf and vfr is an insult.... phame was up a bit and vyles i seen up like 2 or 3 times in les...i travel all the nooks and crannies of nyc and vfr has shit laying around in places people even writers wouldnt go..
  3. was this done with crayons?
  4. Orko


    Stupid comment
  5. You are a true moron
  6. I don't see a good reason for going over the senz and tank joints. Its fucked up how all these new jacks have this mentallity that if something has been there for awhile then its ok to go over it. I can kinda understand if goal and them did some better shit, but they didnt. the only shit that looks half decent is the vyles, the just is ok and the goal is weak. and to do some big simple shit like that legally? weak. thats straight up jocking spots.
  7. Orko


    Sounds like someone is butt hurt.
  8. Orko


  9. respect to goal for bombing and all but his pieces are really bad. thats a real waste of a legal wall, shit like that should be done illegally.
  10. some good flicks...blancito post some more swiftly
  11. Why did vyles just and goal go over the senz and tank?
  12. Orko


    Why is it no matter what some asshole has to come on here and start flapping some yip-yap. Just shut the fuck up and look at the flicks, if you donn't like something then just leave the thread. TheBlackY never compared himself to iz or sach what junk are you talking?? fool.
  13. ill tell you the truth, im really not into styles like these but it came out fresh. good job.
  14. Orko


    There are still plenty of Jis throws lurking about!
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