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  1. Rikimaru


    http://trigun.unknownnet.com/eng/img/contentimg/gunvash1.gif'> http://trigun.unknownnet.com/eng/img/contentimg/gunvash3.gif'>
  2. krystal steal http://www.freewebhost.biz/rikimaru/kryjnsoty011.jpg'> http://www.freewebhost.biz/rikimaru/sexybabe_krystal_steal008.jpg'> http://www.freewebhost.biz/rikimaru/sexybabe_krystal_steal011.jpg'> http://www.freewebhost.biz/rikimaru/sexybabe_krystal_steal014.jpg'>
  3. http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2002/vgnews/082902a/darkangel_screen003.jpg'>
  4. Rikimaru

    dour yesktop

  5. this is school we have to do everything ass backwards
  6. she looks like a gwen stefani rip off artist
  7. yeah i got gonorrhea but it only seems to act up on the weekends
  8. i send girls i know into the bathrooms and have them write " for the best 30 sec of your life call me"
  9. "...To ganons castle level 9 link had the power i had the mind, I held the magic sword way up high i knew i could win i didnt have to try. the nes advantage was on my side i take evil for a ride, id smoke the tex-tights like they has hooche cause soon id know id have zeldas cooch...""... i finally hit him with the silver arrow and you know i leave the rock, even though the road to good is narrow zeldas on my jock"
  10. "mario doesnt want to get hit hell shrink, the princess wont fuck a little kid...I think. So stay firm and attend to your own and eventaully the princess will attend to your bone."
  11. http://globalhiphop.com:6699/hierograffx/piecebook/pb3.jpg'>
  12. http://www.graffiti.org/nyc/stem_beks_haks_bam_bk.jpg'>
  13. http://www.graffiti.org/nyc/stem_bk_bam.jpg'> http://www.graffiti.org/nyc/stem_bk_bam2.jpg'> http://www.graffiti.org/nyc/stem_bek.jpg'> http://www.graffiti.org/nyc/jednystem.jpg'>
  14. man this shit is great and all but show me some hardcore illegal graff
  15. Rikimaru

    red necks

    im busy disappearin a dead hampsters from gere's trailer
  16. Rikimaru

    red necks

    dont i dont i really
  17. Rikimaru

    red necks

    na it wasnt the beats they was ok it was that he ate my cheetos at the party
  18. Rikimaru

    Help me

    man that school shit is a joke... the same people who control the school system control the prison system
  19. Rikimaru

    Help me

    i tryed it just wasnt the same naw mean
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