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  1. ya gomer has some funky shit .. i roll to the atx every know and then, i got some good flixs give me a whole little bit and i will post them big ups to gomer .. and all the dac crew
  2. adek is hot! this has always been one of my fav pics to see http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b4dd10b3127ccebbfa72dad0950000001610'>
  3. im looking for the :jawdrop : icon!!
  4. whoa! is that 3d?!!?! kings fo sho:lick:
  5. maybe a bit more simple... and try to make your lines more crisp and stright.. the look wobbley..
  6. well you know my stickers are on the way.... i think this will be a good additon to the photo alblum...:D
  7. thanks relek yo rel.. hit me up on electronic mail.. i got some better pics if you whould post them please:D
  8. yo relie rel! that shit is hot.. you got such i nice style and you can switch it up alot.. dopeness..
  9. . so why dont yall go paint trains ..i realy dont see whats wrong? well besides the rent...
  10. yo face im down.. want me to pick the word... oh ya and go e.z. on me.. lol :lol:
  11. the jasek's reminds me of jasteq's... is it the same person?:confused:
  12. yo relek? was been up man long time no talk! hit me up on email..
  13. battle me! yo im up for a battle? any one wanna go?
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