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  1. Thanks yall, are hoppers the ones with the lil funnel things on the bottem...i understand why noone will tell me where to go paint..ill do it old school and walk the line..
  2. yea he benches three times a week to take flix to bust the local kids
  3. boxer_kid29

    Soo Line

    I'm pretty new to the fr8 scene and have almost no idea how the system works. the trains that come through my city all have like a wheat pic on them and say soo line. what is the soo line and where does it go? oh and if anyone from ______ knows of a active yard in _________ gimme a holla cuz i cant find but a lil lay up.
  4. the old school shaped today and today is shaping tomarrow...but dondi was the bomb!
  5. hey ayll think thatll air on bbc america?
  6. hes prolly telling all his homies about how some graffer watched him steal that car and didnt do shit
  7. how long will this last? i got my bet it will be closed by tonite
  8. boxer_kid29


    Dope Spots in Madison Holla at me if you gonna come here I'll show you the dopest spots I know.
  9. Nibs yo nibs r made of felt you can buy some or make it out of a chalk board eraser i got one at school they gave me a 100% discount.
  10. Mine works good, but hey you prolly know more than me, hey I know theres a million threads about this but everyone I read has some kid look for how to make recipes. another thing where do I get one of those woodcrafts?
  11. Hey I'm made this thred to help you little toys. I see you all on here asking for help building markers and shit so here this is my marker plan for a deorderent marker. All you others can thow up your thoughts and Ideas too. Supplies a deorderent stick not the little womens roll thingy yo mamma has, but the man's shit, I used speed stick cuz i'm that damn rich.. Ink or thined out paint Epoxy or a hot glue gun A sock or a blackboard eraser or a spounge.<<I used a sock cuz my broke ass spent all my money on speed stick. A bolt(small) or ball bearing (small)<if your using paint Take you deorderent stick and use up the smelly shit, I don't know or care how, go cover your dog in it, or write stupid shit on the locker room walls in school with it. then when its all empty. wash the motherfucker out. This my be a bitch because its all over that mother fucker. You know that thingy that holds the deorderent KEEP IT. but for now take it off so you can clean it out. fill it with water and ya know shake it and shit just clean it out I dont give a fuck how. Well now go plug in the hot glue gun, if you dont got one dont fuck with your epoxy yet. Well go get a ball bearing or bolt or what ever your broke ass found. And put it in the deordent stick only if your using paint though. Now put your deorderent holder in the stick and glue it in place make shure you have a way to get the marking substance to the nib. also glue up the bottem this will be a BITCH.Ok fill the deorderent stick with your ink or paint or nasty substance of death. then cut to fit your nib and glue that mutherfacko on. you should be done my marker is the shit.
  12. contradiction read his posts he says im a 15 year old kid trying to get in this game, but later he says he's been down since 96. odd if you ask me
  13. Rememberance Peice Since dondi's death is coming up (102) I'm gonna do a peice of his just for him. I got it from his book witch is one of the greatest Graffiti books ever made.
  14. Stamps I saw on the news this dude who got a shit load of 1's and stamped like "im not scared" and "we may stumble but we don't fall" ya know all that patroic shit witch I have no ojection to but if they keep his money in ciruclation then they should keep tagged money in cirruclation. Another thing about bombing money is if your really hardcore and write your name on everything then its all good but if your a fucking toy go get famous on a wall before a dollor.
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