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  1. spruce

    DUCE for a tag?

    what do you reckon would write better; DICE or DUCE?... i started writing SPRUCE but found it to long and tricky for a toy to get up quick
  2. spruce

    DUCE for a tag?

    Hey just started up pretty much have had a hard time finding a name, nd DUCE has taken my fancy... When i googled it some flicks came up but they where all from the other side of the world.. I just want to know is DUCE a big deal? i dont really want to bite someones shit but if no one goes by that name even in my hemisphere i wont really care.. What do you guys think? Cheers
  3. spruce

    You call this art? Just a bunch of junk...

    remio w/swanzees crazy bandit!
  4. spruce

    Vancouver Freights...

    what is wrong with those first reser and reks photos? it's almost like there is a haze or a bunch of smoke in front of the photos. yeah like smoke from burning peach fuzz and eye lashes or somthing. crazy! Did you have a fire going or somthing? (ps. pardon me but i am still laughing)
  5. spruce

    3-Point Contact

    samo is a pacific cat
  6. spruce

    windex taste funny

    congratulations king
  7. spruce

    2 train flix

    i dont like swear words.
  8. spruce

    French Steel

    OUI OUI OUI non? oui OUI OUI OUI OUI OUI bonne fete styles
  9. spruce

    lets try this again...

    uptight up tight that's an interresting word. you have lots of pretty train photos there kido.
  10. spruce

    spotted 52!

    theory e2e soo hopper theory chrome cpwx "another late night" char/zer cpwx ?/phear cpwx
  11. spruce


    that animals hot pink lepord print fill is soo fresh! my heart just sped up thinking about doing that...
  12. spruce


  13. spruce

    Sydney Steel

    that's quite a few panels. i wonder how many crazy stories sit silent inside those images. high fives and hugs for the clean panels.
  14. spruce

    kill the box man!!!

    one nice photo album