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  1. I hope there was a helmet underneath that hood.
  2. Oh great, here we fucking go again...just read my signature.
  3. My uncle broke both his arms doing the same thing when he was younger.
  4. Um... OK, I'm a fairly young male. I've had sex, and I look forward to having more. I have no children, but I've had a few scares. So the sight of a pregnant chick, babe or not, is NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER A FUCKING TURN-ON. The sight of this woman shrivels my dick up like a cellophane candy wrapper on a hot griddle. On top of my perfectly normal aversion to the site of pregant women, this one is fucking ugly. And, if you want me to click your motherfucking banner, have your chick act with a little class -- nobody gives me the finger and then gets a click-thru, bitch! good shit zest
  5. Just put it in your pocket..or stick it where the sun don't shine, in your case that is.
  6. i think these are the cutest ever...note, this isn't kickable since it's only a puppy, and will grow into a big bulldog, like.... http://www.kateconnick.com/postcards/bulltoy2.jpg'> this one...'>
  7. http://www.mycathatesyou.com/images/pepsi_102002.jpg'>
  8. the worst i had was i just stayed laying on the couch till 6 pm the next day..just moving hurt and took too much energy..but i had a little more than just one 40..
  9. Anyone who's been to New Hampshire knows what a site this was. http://i.cnn.net/cnn/2003/US/Northeast/05/03/old.man.mountian.ap/story.n.h.old.man.ap.jpg'> FRANCONIA, New Hampshire (AP) -- New Hampshire awoke Saturday to find its stern granite symbol of independence and stubbornness, the Old Man of the Mountain, had collapsed into indistinguishable rubble. The fall ended nearly a century of efforts to protect the 40-foot-tall landmark from the same natural forces that created it. Only stabilizing cables and epoxy remained Saturday where the famous ledges had clung. "There's only so much you can do," said Mike Pelchat, a state parks official who hiked up the mountain Saturday to make sure there were no signs of foul play. "With heavy rains and high winds and freezing temperatures, the combination was just right to loosen him up," he said. "We always thought it was the hand of God holding him up, and he let go." It was unclear when the outcropping actually fell from Cannon Mountain because clouds had obscured the area Thursday and Friday. A state park trails crew reported Saturday morning that the Old Man of the Mountain was gone. Gov. Craig Benson quickly declared that the face should be restored and said in a written statement that he was meeting with state officials and planned to form a fund to take donations for the project. "I am committed to doing everything possible to restore this important monument to our Granite State," he said. The Old Man was New Hampshire's most recognizable symbol. It appears on the state quarter, on state road signs and on countless souvenirs and tourist brochures. Millions of tourists have traveled through Franconia Notch to view the profile, 1,200 feet above Interstate 93 about 65 miles north of Concord. In the 19th century, the profile inspired New Hampshire statesman Daniel Webster to write: "In the mountains of New Hampshire, God Almighty has hung out a sign to show that there He makes men." Dick Hamilton, president of White Mountain Attractions, a tourism group, has commuted through the notch every day for more than 30 years, and said goodnight to the Old Man every night when he drove by. On Friday, with his view blocked by the clouds, he said, "Good night, boss, wherever you are." "I've just lost my number one attraction," he said Saturday. The state had used cables and epoxy to try for years to keep the rock profile from falling from erosion and the natural freeze-and-thaw cycle. Those who did the work had warned that a collapse was inevitable, but few thought they would live to see it. David Nielsen, whose father was the profile's official caretaker for decades before passing the job on to his son in 1989, had tears in his eyes as he looked at the mountainside Saturday. "The oldest person in my family just died," he said. http://astro.wsu.edu/worthey/astro/html/im-indian-heads/old-man-mountain.jpg'>
  10. ppff, lightweights...just drink some coffee, that oughta do the trick.
  11. i don't think those are in the US there big guy..and that's not even that bright compared to other major cities worldwide.. http://www.yale.edu/ceo/DataArchive/cd1146.jpg'> http://www.yale.edu/ceo/DataArchive/cd1147.jpg'>
  12. man, i can't look at this thread too much because it makes me want to order a digital or slr camera from somewhere, and i don't have the funds for that right now..but man, it's tempting.
  13. meaning, laughing at them being so not funny and what not. nevermind, i was just trying start some small talk. i can see it's not working though.
  14. so, at a certain point does it turn into you laughing at them?
  15. ahem.. See, you just made a mistake yourself. The way you used "its" is wrong, and eventhough everybody knows what you mean, it's still wrong. Missing an apostrophy.
  16. i made a thread about this but i don't think anyone took interest, so maybe if i post it here..videos of mercury eclipsing with the sun.. http://soho.nascom.nasa.gov/hotshots/2003_05_07/
  17. Shit, I forgot what I was gonna say.
  18. i have a friend who does that and i am forever calling him out on it, but i do it too, i cannot front. the best is people who, if you're talking to them, just keep a steady "uh huh..ah huh....uh huh...yep..uh huh..ha..ah ha....yes...uh huh..." etc etc...right through what you're saying. i do that to friends sometimes when they're trying to tell me some details or something that is semi important, just to be a douf. the next step after the fake laugh of course, is the nervous fake laugh.
  19. came across this and thought some people might find it interesting...images and videos of mercury eclipsing with the sun. http://soho.nascom.nasa.gov/hotshots/2003_05_07/
  20. i'm trying to think of a saying, it goes something like "you can't lead a dog to water"...i might be way off but it's something like that. meaning that this kind of thing has to come from within.
  21. lajaesjf let's all jam and experiment. someone just farted.
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