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  1. Forgive me zorak You are way cooler than me But oh well, my bad
  2. Racquetball is great I hope I don't lose again I'll scream like a girl
  3. Now I pick my nose Crusty boogers hurt to pick Where are my tissues?
  4. My desk is messy Books, paper, albums and such Can't find a trashbag
  5. Short attention spans Uh, what's a haiku again? Oh yeah, I am stupid
  6. Strictly haikus please This will probably not work Time to go get dressed
  7. I've always believed that being nice and just having your shit together will get you much farther than being a dick to people.
  8. who cares? just experiment, keep trying new things and try different styles, get ideas from different sources. it's all about trial and error, and you can only get better.
  9. Yeah, and I hear their fathers are no joke.
  10. I rock the callender like it's my job. I don't know what I would do without it.
  11. Everything I feel like saying has already been said. Get some help or you'll be sorry later on.
  12. If it's really broken I would take a trip to the ER, just because I wouldn't want to wait and run the risk of doing more damage. Probably not good to be sitting at a computer, typing, althought I suppose perhaps you could be using just your good arm. Get it checked out sooner than later.
  13. God is the one that hates you, not nature. Wait, but god made nature so...ah nevermind.
  14. wow, sien5 and cavster..classic i have the issue of 12oz magazine that has that rasta and king in it..which is also a classic...the rasta and king.
  15. -jaw drops to the ground, mouth watering-

    ::SUB DF::

    http://www1.albertsons.com/corporate/images/qfi/lunch/creamyitaliansub.jpg'> hmmm, sub.
  17. wow, a good thread....fear and dove, among others
  18. I'm addicted to racquetball. I'm not so bad actually, got a few tricks up my sleeve...why would you need to modify the rules when serving? PS- i was thinking of starting a racquetball apprectation thread, maybe it would be a good idea
  19. whatchu know about racquetball??
  20. -Throw away things I don't need -Organize clothes into ones I'm keeping and ones I'm giving away -Do one last project for school -Call my old old job and see if I can work there this summer -Get paperwork and tuition in for my Italy field trip -Fart -Excersize -Fart some more -Play racquetball...I guess that would go under excersize -Practice -Don't spend so much time on 12oz -Read -Take a walk and just relax, meditate, get away from it all -Remember my dreams and write them down
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