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  1. Please, that was just my way of asking what you thought of me, of course I care. As for my name, it's actually not spanish, but portuguese, so you were close. And what it translates to is something like "up yours", or "go fuck yourself". I never thought of myself as a homie action figure, but maybe subconsciously it's all I've ever wanted to be in life. Thank you o seeking, for shedding some light. Do they make irish/polish homie figures?
  2. Hank, do you know if film for that Holga is expensive?
  3. Wow that sampler would be nice to have
  4. sample photo http://www.argonauta.com/assets/images/h120p19_bullcreek.jpg'> I guess there are ways to control the light leaks too if you don't want them there...cool stuff.
  5. That first one looks pretty cool, just checked on ebay and yes they are cheap. I've been thinking about getting an SLR camera but maybe I'll opt for this..
  6. Wow, I'll have to keep an eye out...^^^
  7. http://y.20q.net:8095/btest wow, this thing is cool, no?
  8. I think this has something to do with damaging the environment, for those of you who don't know. That's a big no no but I'm sure 90 percent of you who don't get it have lost 90 percent of your brains due to inhaling too much glue.
  9. My parents found a 94 Toyota Corolla with about 90k on it, for $3,500. Toyotas are about as durable and reliable as you can get, keep an eye out.
  10. You can't spell either Syllables, not syllabuls I know what you meant
  11. Ever learn to count? Keep track of the syllables I'm a dick, I know
  12. And then it'll be like planet of the apes. I was actually going to make a thread about this, but I just kind of forgot to I guess.
  13. The soundtrack to that movie brings me back to when I was a young cub, on the bus to school at like 6 in the morning, and they would have all types of 80's tracks playing.
  14. Headache, drank last night Coffee will do the job well Cancelled appointments Bustello, mug, spoon Milk, coffee maker, sugar You are all great friends
  15. Hey, the Matrix, yeah I want to see it as well Maybe I can go
  16. Dropped my jaw to that last flick.....must be nice, must be nice.
  17. Stomach full of food Went to the Mexican joint Chicken burrito!
  18. What's dead is 12 oz If I could burn a web page This would be the one
  19. If you like Brad Meldhau.... ...do yourself a favor and buy "Fred Hersch: Live at the Village Vanguard", or just any other CD by him. Genius level is up there too, but on the real there were geniuses way earlier than these cats.
  20. I am done with school Time to start working again Don't want to be broke Not hating, my man I need to fart soon, or else Get me some matches

    new bills

    Bump for the fool that started the other jawn type thread, nah meen? This money looks pretty. Then again, what money doesn't look pretty? Especially when it's in my wallet.
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