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  1. http://www.btinternet.com/~davidwinchurch/...GameBoyEmu.html
  2. http://www.masters-of-photography.com/images/full/kertesz/kertesz_distortion.jpg'>
  3. eeeeeh go hug a fuggin tree ya granola eatin', sandal wearin', stinkin' scumbag
  4. http://www.local6.com/news/2469188/detail.html# check this bear out
  5. That reminds me of Italy a lot. I miss Italy.
  6. do a movie marathon by renting all the holloweens, freddies, or jasons if you really want your money's worth.
  7. http://www.steelapple.com/images/strawcheesecake2.jpg'> the only time i ever post on this forum anymore is when the thread involves food
  8. I have pilon gourmet, pilao (from brasil), and el cubanito (from ecuador), in my freezer rotation right now. I only use a stove-top espresso maker, and I gotta say that Pilao is my favorite, followed by El Cubanito. The Pilon gourmet is just okay. I just got back from Italy about a month ago and the stuff over there is really good. I'm still kicking myself for not having brought back any coffee. Oh well, I guess there's always next time.
  9. http://www.brazilyellowpages.com/cafepilao2.jpg'> +'> = http://www.gifs.net/animate/happy.gif'>
  10. or if a dog is far enough away from you, see if there are any rocks on the ground and throw some at him...i hope you have good aim
  11. http://www.corrado-club.com/gallery/images/mycorrado9.jpg'> http://www.corrado-club.com/gallery/images/DSCF2705.jpg'> corrado, one of my favs
  12. 9 years ago I moved back from overseas after 6 years and I wanted to head back already.
  13. going to italy in 11 days...i know it's not right now but still. beer good weather the zoo car runs well now (see below) went clothes shopping for the first time in about 5 years, no joke new kicks not so good things: car trouble adding up to $900 only working on weekends for now lack of beer bad weather not enough excersize
  14. My car was broken into today. Hope your situation gets better.
  15. Site is like the lake you look at, or the hills or the waterfall and what have you. But then you could be like "What a sight!" Although when you say it out lound you wouldn't be like "oh and I mean sight as in s-i-g-h-t". I think you would say sight-seeing though, but either way. VT is cool, I was up there a couple weeks, not in Burlington though...I think you're better off going to visitor centers and such for info like that, than to ask any 12ozers, nahmean?
  16. I just started "Narcissus and Goldmund" by Herman Hesse. So far so good... I recommend another book by him called "Siddhartha".
  17. I saw Qbert spin at this massive party out in NJ 3 years ago, very good stuff.
  18. Can we start a "homosexual overtones" thread?
  19. I'm entering puberty again? No wonder my voice is cracking like that Simpsons character with all the pimples that works at the fast food joint.
  20. Dear Browner, If I think of it, next time I'm up at school I'll do some searching through the stacks.
  21. No, thank you.... You could see at least 6 different shows of whatever type of music with $175, at least 6... Or you could have gone to that field day thing on the east coast with that huge killer line up. Now that's worth paying whatever it was for that, I think it was $120, but that's for at least 15 bands who are much more worth the price than those cats you mentioned...
  22. http://www.bsetti2.hpg.com.br/eros178.gifhttp://www.bsetti2.hpg.com.br/eros178.gif'> 'vaitomanocu'
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