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  1. how the fuck is find getting talked shit on... toy?? have you seen his shit??
  2. thats the end for now... cry about it.. ima go kill this bottle.
  3. most all benched in between shots of whiskey , donuts, and drifting... a couple from the past few days... whatever.. look at it.. do whatever... dont forget to complain...
  4. im wondering if they still make country specific lines like that gatx de mexico...? ive never seen them before ..
  5. yeah basically that garx is a fuckin treat .. right? and it is one hel of a weird spot.. i really dont get it.. lines poll in , they stay for years with out moving... others, roll in for a few months.. but a small amount roll in and roll out the next day or in a few hours... like a layup.. i dunno.. its dope.. and that time was an explring mission for fun.. just something to do.. i plan on doin that garx rel big.. and like i said, if you trace trains, try that garx,its not in thet system... weird
  6. well . there ya go.. not too impressive i know.. needs more burners or some shit... but i just wanted to share this nonsense.. deal with it. and that garx panel isnt even in the system anymore if you know what im talkin about...
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