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  1. ana

    Going to Philly

    Thanks for the info, fatalist, Rage & Pffffffft. wow I'm impressed that you remembered me, Weapon X, as I haven't posted here in a long while. Heres to better memory than I can claim. and don't worry cacksmoka, Im not staying long...just long enought to enjoy some music hopefully.
  2. ana

    Going to Philly

    Hey, Im going to Philly and Nj in the next little bit and want to find a good party to go to or weeklie to attend. Id also like to find a reliable website devoted to Philly. Im into breaks, funk and hiphop and shaking my ass is a priority. Any body from that area willing to give a girl a hand? (or address) sailchick@graffiti.net Thanks mucho mucho ana
  3. The commodore ballroom always has some good shows but check out the georgia straight (www.straight.com) for dets. If you're into hip hop- www.vancityhiphop.com/ is pretty reliable. Sonar usually has good nights and shows as well. The beach is really nice to hang out on but it might be a tad cold now. If you can go to the island, it's really beautiful; lots of hiking and camping. I can't really help you with strip clubs and such but have a fun time.
  4. Dj Shadow, RJD2, Prefuse 73, Boom Bip, Amon Tobin, Nightmares on Wax, Greyboy, Mr Scruff all have some pretty amazing beats.
  5. Does anyone remember the cards that the US issued with pictures of prominent Iraqi officials on them? Well this is the American version, issued by the Ruckus society. www.warprofiteer.com/cards
  6. It's not much better than the US sad to say-here they don't outlaw you, they just have so many fees/charges etc... that it's about 10,000$ to throw a party. Hmmm...I don't understand all of the people hating on candy ravers. They are a very small fraction of people that go to raves and most of them are pretty cool people once you get around the clothes. I also think it's pretty damn ignorant to hate someone because of the size of their pants/color of their makeup/amount of bracelets. Too junior high for me.
  7. Sooooo Good. Camus rocks my world. David Suzuki-From Naked Ape to Super Species Really interesting and scary book about environmental problems. Well written and lots of content. Mango Nectar Sour Cream n Onion Chips
  8. Music 12" of new Up, Bustle & Out OM 2-Compilation of experimental hip hop Mo'Wax Compilation Headz 2 - another MoWax Compilation Buck 65-newest Hot Hot Heat-Make Up the Breakdown Concerts Rocket from the Crypt Buck 65 James Lavelle 4:20 DnB party Freaky Flow and Flipside various local shows Rental of Decks for bush party Clothes Bus Tickets Food Drugs Alcohol Rent Debts
  9. Vintage grey shirts made with cotton stretchy material with the different colour sleeves and collar-so good. Grey and Maroon-Oh yeah Baby.
  10. James Lavelle is a few hours drive away on Sat. I want to go. But I'm not too sure.hmmmmm...his production is amazing, the global underground was alright,I haven't heard enough of his original stuff to judge. Gawd I hate decisions like these. To go or not to go? Has anybody else seen him "in concert"?? And the verdict was?
  11. No, no bidets are great. You go to the bathroom, shuffle over to the bidet, get a bum shower and leave feeling all tingly and clean. You actually get clean instead of just smearing shit everywhere.
  12. If you mean a gigalo-it usually means a male prostitute or a paid male escort. If you mean juggalo-In Insane Clown Posse world where it means someone who's crazy and doesn't care what people think about them. But back in the real world, it doesn't mean anything.
  13. Regular Nights - Cider (usually Strongbow) Nights when you just want to get fucked up - Absinthe (preferably in a Black Sabbath martini)
  14. Reads.....reads again......scratches head.....thinks......reads.....scratches head.. decides that the aforementioned 40oz is interfering with willy.wonka's ability to communicate
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