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  1. sweet stuff j. no wonder kidblount ain't returning my e-mails he's already got a steady.
  2. I think you've used this icon http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb/icons/icon8.gif'> in every post tonight.
  3. hit that shit on your next cig break. take pictures of this seducing stalker and post them.
  4. ah yes the LA flicks bring back memories. a few were from the 92 riots. right in time for the 10 year anniversary. I was hoping to see the "We are not a minority" mural with Che Guevera in the set of the Estrada courts. When you think and pass by that's what you see. I'll check the rest out later.
  5. you'd be surprised how much a droll stained pillow looks like a something else. peglegpetedrollingwhilesleepingoner
  6. I just cut my hair about 10 minutes ago. When my girl wakes up she's gonna be totally wet.
  7. yesterday.= Friday JC Penny boxers Stafford White T-shirt from JC Penny's XXLTall Black Laker Practice Shirt XXL White socks Levi Loose fitting Blue Jeans 40,32 White Nike Crosstrainers with navy trim
  8. Pegleg Pete

    jaw clicking

    yo man could i have your truck and digi cam? i could metrolink it to your pad and drive it back no prob. ;)
  9. was it Natasha Lyonne? That chick was in Slums of Beverly Hills too. yeah i think that the girl.
  10. just cause other people do it doesen't make it right. Zack is a cool mothafucka though.
  11. was there 2 lost highways? that one with the chick from American Pie going to Mexico was pretty fucking trippy. The Mexican chick was hot even though she probably would killed me after I sexed her up.
  12. no shit huh whenone. where's me pot of gold for bojangles
  13. Tony Montana - Scarface just bad ass no explanations needed The Drill Seargent from Full Metal Jacket He made the movie a classic. The first part is great. Bruce Willis - Die Hard with such lines as "yipe kay yay mothafucka" Robert Duvall in Apocalypse Now Bombs going off everywhere and he takes his shirt off and wants people to surf and bumping some sick classical music into battle Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction Travolta was pretty good too. Full of smart ass dialoge between the two. Mr Wolf was bad ass getting shit done. Deniro in HEAT. slick Chazz Palmientary in a Bronx Tale as Sonny Got the block on lock. More but I can't remember right now.
  14. Pegleg Pete


    I hear you Kabar. I mean I am no means old I'm in my 20's but I can see my whole views changing. I'm a godfather of a 1 year old girl. Another one is on the way, sex is unsure as of now. I'm trying to imagine them coming at me about graffiti in 15 years or so. My uncle is pretty casual but i'm still trying to imagine one of them coming to me. No matter what you say when your young like "oh yeah I'ma let my kid do this and that" everything changes when it's yours. I think I'd be worried less about graff and getting caught for tagging/painting rather than all the BS that can come along with it. I'd probably be more worried about their safety and well-being. I'd probably try to keep as honest and open line going while at the same time setting up some ground rules and making sure they don't get broken. I can only imagine what my kids are gonna be like. If it is true that your kids are twice as bad as you, I'm in for some trouble.
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