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  1. FUCK!!!! Ive been waiting for that moment for years, goddamn shit fuck. hope they replay vma like tomorrow or some shit.
  2. EFnet dalnet and its chanserv is wack
  3. are you sure? really sure? really really sure?
  4. its cool. as long as its clear that the woman(questionable) who shot you out of her ass(yeah you were born wrong), sucks strange cock for quarters.
  5. actually you know when it comes to folks who live on the same island its pretty much the same as saying it to their face. especially if they kinda sorta run in the same circle youre bound to run into each other. if it were some euro guy or someone from the mainland i wouldnt take things so seriously because then it would be just that shit talk but since we're all local its not just shit talk, its an insult.
  6. we agree then, excellent.
  7. is that right? well... kind of like your mother, except this thread is free.:nut:
  9. hell yeah man, its like everything you imagined while reading the book come to life.
  10. jack the ripper invented the jack stand.
  11. yeah so anyway im going back to brick slayers and metal heads.
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