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  1. KICKBALL where the real ballers be
  2. was it right? does it really matter if it was right or not the fact here is that when u gotta girl u really like no matter how laid back of a guy u are ur gonna snap when someone fronts your girl its like the unwritten rule you jus dont talk shit about a guys girl. and most girls arent into violence i mean any girl that starts shit jus 2 get their man to finish it is trouble in my book. now i gotta 2 questions why did he call your girl a bitch? and if u could do it over would u still beat his ass?
  3. law and order is a good show but the shield is the shit
  4. Talib Kweli - Get By (Remix)
  5. dude u could jus avoid her if thats possible otherwise it might take awhile 2 put her out unless u jus come out and tell her or jus get one of ur friends that jus loves to dis people for thier personal flaws everyone has a friend dat does that so jus give ur boy da green light 2 diss her till she stops comin around
  6. oh hell yes pizza is da shit any kind its all good jenos, pizza serena, dominos, pizza hut new yorker, tombstone, tonys pizza, mama rosas, stoffers pizza, zippys pizza, my skool used 2 have a bakery that had this pizza it was da bomb still da best pizza i ever had but now its closed :( and theres so many more Mmmm pizza best food ever
  7. ya that wouldve be great but u ever seen that video where some guy films his friend givin da finger 2 some security guard and the guard beats his ass man good times
  8. man i was thinkin of takin off runnin 4 no reason when i seen them but i didnt feel like gettin my ass kicked at that time
  9. Me??? man ive been off doin my own thing layin low chillin hard with da little crew i got and my girl... so all in all im jus layin real low cause its like so much stuff poppin off right now with my girls dad and da MAN its crazy
  10. so da police raided my neighbors apartment and some other apartment a couple doors down 2day so heres how it went down im chillin downstairs in da living room with my little bro and my bud and my dad and like we hear a car pull in da lot and i notice its a cop car so then i get up 2 see whats poppin and i only see 1 cop car and i look in da back and theres hella cop cars and they surrounding da place man then i go bac up front and we see them settin up in front of my neighbors door and they bust that shit down man my neighbor wasnt there but his girl and her kid was and then i get outside cause my moms gets home so i help her carry some bags in and i see they busted another door in at my apartment and like its no secret that my neighbor is a drug dealer but he cool i know him from high skool and he cool and plus its kinda nice 2 see all my boys all da time comin over there to get they fix but neways he wasnt home when they busted in only his girl and her kid was and all 2gether they arrested 3 people 2 out of da other house and searched 2 cars 2 apartments man they tore them apart they was knockin down walls and shit its crazy and after all that went down today i go out 2 play some ball and i notice that theres a trail on me now i think cause im at da park and for like 45 minutes theres a cop car jus chillin in da middle of da street watchin me play and they not jus sittin there they get out da car and watch and then tehy drive into da parkin lot and watch then bac out into da streets and then they leave and i leave a little after that and while im walkin home i see them drive by me twice and i dont have far 2 walk so someone driving by twice never happens so i dont know if they trailing me or not but sure seems like it
  11. So on sunday night me and my bud hes on these boards 2 but i aint gona put him on da spot like this so neways we go out jus walkin around ya know its around 9:30pm we walkin down some tracks and we comin up on a little path that takes us thru a factorys parkin lot and then 2 circiut city and then da plaza when we get close 2 it we notice a fire truck is there and on da tracks we cross da border of our city so now we in da falls where da cops are ruff and we walk up our path and as we doin so we notcie a lot of water and fire trucks and shit man so we likego behind a building so that we dont go in da middle of it and then after we get 2 circuit city we get stopped by da falls cops and by now we used 2 gettin stopped by them cause they always stop us up there jus 2 fuc wit us man neways tehy start askin questions like where were u and where u comin from and then one cop gets his cell out and calls someone and da other keeps talkin and shit and he writing donw everything about us like what we wearing shoe size what kind of shoes and everything and we over hre da otehr cop say hes on da scene where da bomb went off and he keeps talkin bout it and then after they get all our info they let us go and tell us not 2 leave town and shit and not 2 go bac on da tracks cause its a crime scene all in all though they they nicest cops we ever dealt with in da falls but still well i guess a bomb went off there and now we like suspects and shit so damn whata way 2 cap off a real bad weekend
  12. sam adams got some 48 proff shit check it http://realbeer.com/library/beerbreak/arch...eak20020214.php
  13. geto boys - feels good 2 be a gangsta thats all u need
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