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  1. my moment


    tend is the shit. i heard he was wasted last night. UK drinking society,what.
  2. my moment


    im fuckin with yall..
  3. my moment


    i heard tead bites tend :king: this isnt my moment by the way...
  4. my moment


    yeah they do that...haha..but only when theyre 8ft tall stilettos
  5. shits hot. I like that imune a couple pages back. rezist is ill as usual. frankwhite... hit me up son. my b-day is comin around again.. yall nova cats gotta head south for that weekend so we can all get really drunk... really really really drunk. straight henny all night. word.
  6. my moment


    damn didnt even see all that aest mad ebay etc. yesterday, good shit.
  7. bitch im at my mamas house! i dont have any of them marz flicks with me.
  8. rezist hot as usual, nice to see that red and pink etc imune, one of my favorites of his. that marz is a little old tho, post some of his newer shit.
  9. my moment


    this shit is strugglin real hard, that new rezist is ill as fuck tho, styles for miles.
  10. yea the letters look alright but i would definetly change your name. marz from va gets ill with it
  11. goner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. my moment


    what the fuck...
  13. ...wish that onorok wasnt stamped...
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