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  1. philestine

    jessica lynch is a fucking cunt

    This site really needs some centrists or those with a more balanced view. You cunts are way too predictable.
  2. philestine

    so its the weekend and about that time

    He sure was a funny fucker wasn't he.
  3. philestine

    2fast 2 furious

    Dr. Arcel's Words of Wisdom.
  4. philestine

    MAGNOMAR just got erased from existence

  5. philestine

    Where are you going?

    Not you, you nerd.
  6. philestine

    I very much dislike cats

    What about Poochie the rapping dog?
  7. philestine

    weird animals you didn't know existed

    Tazzie Tiger http://beer.trash.net/img/beers/85.jpg'> I've never read or heard it being called a Tasmanian Wolf before either.
  8. philestine


    You fuckin faggets.
  9. philestine

    weird animals you didn't know existed

    http://www.kids4ecology.org/Images/monkeys/tonkin.jpg'> Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey Native to Vietnam. http://horizons-art.org/gifs/Guatemala/EXOTIC%20BELIZEAN%20TURKEY.jpg'> Belizean Turkey http://www.chaffeezoo.org/animals/images/sugarglider.jpg'> Sugar Glider A mammal mainly found in parts of Australia and Indonesia.
  10. philestine

    Over C's

    Those 3 months you listed are probably the worst ones you could pick weather wise regarding Australia. We're in winter over here right now and it's pretty shitty. Coming before or after the winter months would probably be much better.
  11. philestine


    http://www.moviemartyr.com/images/2002cityofgod01.jpg'> http://ffmedia.ign.com/filmforce/image/cityofgod2_sm.jpg'> Apart from the excessive shooting, it was a pretty enjoyable flick.
  12. philestine

    bikers, beer and blood

    Zee Zee and Heydrich. http://www.backspin.biz/2%20fags.jpg'>
  13. philestine

    bikers, beer and blood

    Zee Zee would hit it.
  14. philestine

    if you have a weak stomach this aint for you

    Can't trust those muslim rebels. HA! On a serious note, under normal circumstances it would be fair to say that going out unceremoniously as that would be horrific. In times of war though, it's almost common routine. Especially ethnic ones. We just don't get to see it very often. The guy might've "deserved" to go out like that, we'll never know.
  15. philestine

    Forum Count: 36,264 threads, 970,202 posts

    :lol: That looks funnier the more i look at it.