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  1. i remember that one..... what about his white one?
  2. damn, who's this newkoncept? good taste and judgement on page. and some planning. keep it up. actually nice to see someone put some character/background to a piece. instead of just a piece and big solid fill ins in the background. keep it up.
  3. i guess everyone should just paint their bedroom walls till they can pull off perfection. i guess the world will never see graff again, cause everyone sucks. as for hawaii threads, ummm, i guess the thread should be renamed to King Faroh.
  4. it's da white man, who else. and hawaii was at it's own level before 12oz.
  5. yup can control, along with hype, the bomb, and a few others were the internet of the late 80's and early 90's. remember waiting for months to get the next issue to see what everyone was doing around the world.
  6. also love the vegatation next to the crab.
  7. finally seen the movie, heard all kind of interesting reviews. seemed a little slow. and then the love scene. that was one thing i didn't have to see. was curious why no one said anything about it till now. if i knew about that i probably wouldn't have wasted my time to watch it. back to the movie i was surprised why they didn't get harassed more in the shops/stores like in real life when you walk into a place with a backpack looking all shady?
  8. it's nice to see different ideas, but that inverted thing has been done a bunch of time already. but it's nice to see other people try it and pull it off.
  9. thanks howie for the compliments. keep an eye out for the book.
  10. any of you guys got a nice hi-res pic of katch's underwater alligator, a complete shot? me and him don't have a nice pic of it and would like to use it in our upcoming book. please pm me. mahalos from the pacific ocean......
  11. that's nuts. all da hawaiians here get cell phones and want to be super citizens. if you started to climb a heaven in the day cops will be there before you even get up to the heaven.
  12. lol. In The Flow..........................
  13. yo tredawg, remember that name. lol. Quoted post [/b]
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