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  1. freeze

    WTF--- I've been here over 5 years.

    ha, i've been here since april 2002 and i'm still a junior member! i guess i'm the silent type.
  2. freeze

    hurricane dennis

    i say bring it...as long as it doesn't fuck up my truck, i'm game for a little hurricane fun...on the other hand, if it did fuck up my truck i could have a little insurance fun and go from the regular f-150 sport to the f-150 lightening....hmmm.
  3. freeze

    eXtreme Hammock

    at first i was really intrigued and impressed with this thread...checked it every time there was a new post and hoping for new flics. i even check the domain a few times hoping that's where they all were...now it's just tired.
  4. freeze


    alright mr. austin, here's your chance for another "zing"...stupid fucking formula one cars can't figure out tire set-ups for the banks...go redneck go nascar.
  5. freeze

    I just bought a Dodge

    sorry, but mopar/chrysler shit is fucking worthless...it'll drive good for a year or two and fall the fuck apart. i spent all fucking day repairing this chicks fucking car that she just bought last week...looks pretty, but bottom line she's lucky she's got a redneck friend to get her out of a bind since she dropped all of her cash on a car that couldn't even get her to work. the old shit was alright, back when they were building chargers and all that. have fun though, get 'r dirty, but i'll stick to my f-150.
  6. freeze

    Panties that do more than look good...

    look at that pup in the picture...it's like a poodle with bugs bunny ears.
  7. freeze


    So how was "Da' Burg" treating you when you were there? I heard the cars all the way from class. Damn ricers :rolleyes: Quoted post [/b] i actually live in the area now...just moved to largo, but until last week was working at the bank of america tower downtown. where do you go to school spc?
  8. freeze


    also not true...she is irl, but they do a couple of grand prix races as well...i just went to the one in st. petersburg, fl not too long ago and i think the other is in monaco...and nascar still kicks ass.
  9. freeze

    The Great Photography Superthread

    quite possibly the best quote i've heard in a while
  10. freeze

    falsely accused...

    nekro's suggestion sounds like the best, especially since i'm a waiter...i'd probably make more money too because i could talk shit about why my asshole managers are following me around everywhere. sounds kind of fun too because i could just pretend to get flustered and walk all around the restaurant pretending to look for something.
  11. freeze

    falsely accused...

    alright, my stupid fucking managers at a dumb ass restaurant i work at think i'm stealing shit from them. they have been giving me crap from the day i agreed to bartend for them. every damn week their numbers are short and they're convinced that i'm stealing well tequila, captain morgan, and get this, draft beer. the thing is, i'm not actually taking anything. i even quit behind the bar about a month ago because i was tired of it. it's gotten worse now though because i'm actually trying to put my degree to work, but if theft ever comes into the equation, i'm fucked. besides quitting before this shit goes too far, does anyone know of anything i should do to cover my ass so these fucks can't continue to fuck with me down the road? i'm worried about having a worthless degree because of these assholes.
  12. freeze

    Gangter films: any recommendations.

    blood in blood out
  13. freeze

    Thank Fucking God

    rosie odonnel looks like a regular sized person with midget-like features.
  14. freeze

    old as hell

    i don't mean to burst your bubble, but i don't think it's as old as '52...i'm guessing more like '82.
  15. freeze

    laughing out loud!

    at my college freshman orientation my school took us to the second city comedy club in chicago. they got to the point in the show where the actors asked the audience to give them a word or phrase to base their next skit...the crowd is silent for about 10 seconds when my buddy pipes up in a very nasaly voice..."my mom has an anal fixation with bar soap." the actors could hardly keep from laughing...and famous people get their start (like bill murray and john candy type funny). holy shit, six years later and i still will laugh out of nowhere.