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yardie max

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  1. yardie max


    Re: yardie max im not gonna name it on here,u know it,paying dues.....well my friend i disagree,ive paid my'n-tubes are not everything in my eyes,u gota do everything-peice,bomb,do trains,throwies ,dubs everything... to me steel is not everything...i could..if i wanted to name cru's that have got people in who i THINK havent paid there dues...but im not going to "that" level.....n i dont hate im just going on how so many did when radicals first appeared on the scene again....remeber that...its played anyway like you said....im not on im better than u flex...i was pissed cos u said 15 mins of fame ting bout acrid i didnt like that ...sounded like u was taking the piss
  2. yardie max


    dont make me laugh..........no one has done every yard,theres one yard no one will ever do......touch n neat fuk me your talking about acrid being messy......
  3. yardie max


    THATS ALL!!!tell em how it is skabby.....
  4. yardie max


    shut the fuk up!,ive seen your posts,u lick dubstar ass,bias little cunt,15 minutes?? 15 years mate....
  5. that spot is disgusting!:eek: :crazy: go panic!!!u crazy boy!!!i like the filled throwies they got right next to islington police station!! :king: oh n i see that lil grass ment aka element dogging yaeo,lil blonde prik:mad: :heated: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred:
  6. nice thread dpm are a good cru....fresh styles n plenty of action n ups!!ive painted with tchais a few times...met neas,dem,n oath over nam hof one day safe lads...fuk all these silly yanks cussing london n wotever its long man,keep you opinions to ya self!
  7. KINGS TAKING CONTROL,KOAST TO COAST, man dem know ktc from way back, klif,infoe,faum,stet, have all put it up plus a good few others i think mess did to, yo mercsta help me out bro!
  8. nice thread, mear does deserve his owm thread as do vop...been there since 84-85 long innings man.....yes kool mear one....big up
  9. yardie max

    Cept 148 TFW

    yo i got a dub opposite that silver throwie by the river!nice fliks all round cept is a good peicer with a different style big up 148 who let the radicals out...rowdy cockneys!
  10. mister merc! al i can say is wow!them fliks are the real old skool man, i love i them old skool styles n how clean un scarred them tubes look,anyway back to building me time machine......
  11. like it like it yes!!yes!!wicked bombing i like the way them cats hit them throwies up!damn makes me wanna grab my 600mls n bust one!!:D
  12. BIG BOCHA THATS A VERY NAUGHTY BURNER big up sieze nice to see the original back n burning hard
  13. don dadda! "hes destroyed his room".... "testing out my paint" hahah
  14. daaaamn tfp pure styles from every memeber...one of the finest crews n its still going...:P
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