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  1. Mechanism

    5 days deep

    His letters look like hagus..
  2. as for you smack, you know better. thats why i hit you. and you said i just slapped you? what about your money?.. me and my squad enjoyed the lunch that was on you. so stop fuckin emailing me. and if i see you in the yard again you know what to do. ..... fuck you man.
  3. Oh and everything you said aims at everywhere but newyork.. and the only style is newyork style.. so im surprised that noone but lil old me is telling you different..i aint scared or maybe im waisting my time.. arguing over the internet with a meathead.. oh so tough!:rolleyes: bye.. there wont be nomore for me.. for this thread. ha been there and back and more.. musta not learned anything..
  4. p.s. that teal peice is tight Shawtee... love
  5. oh man.. youre such a meat head.. there is no point trying to reason with fools.. go ahead come to atlanta.. beat me up.. thats the best you can do.. no intellegence just pure brawn.. no brain just a jock hard rock.. no sense at all.. but oh well.. oh by the way.. just cause you rolled down peachtree dont mean you were all around atlanta.. you wont even come to our ghettos.. thats where our shit is at.. before you were doing windmills in your rollerskates.. ahhahahhahahahhah atlanta doesnt give a fuck about you.. we have our old schoolers.. Sparkyz, Jaz, Sense, theFiveKings.. Leon.. we have our own style.. new york isnt the only place to make style.. say that to a west coast G.. a real west coast technician.. like gk, revok or sever we have our tradions.. not yours we respect new york.. but dont try and be our leaders... welcome to atlanta.. yea.. Smack is my name. :rolleyes:
  6. you know somethin i cant say anymore for totem.. Hes a big boy. and i dont think that he cares for what you said anyway.. Its funny what you saiid about his styles tho.. i think if youd look at his stuff for reall youd see the style in it.. but your mind is so clouded by your beliefs.. you cant go past it.. old timers ways huh?.. oh well.. and to totem.. Fuck you Smak.
  7. Yo i wasnt talking about DASH at all.. he is what he says he is.. but that still dont give him a right to say that virus owns that style when he didnt even see totem here in atlanta back in the early 90s.. and virus wasnt in spray can art.. so im still right. it aint about dash. Its about Virus and Totem.. you think that a canadian kid CREATED that JAPANESE animation style?.. you think that an ASIAN kid that lived in japan is a biter of a canadian kid biting Japanese style?.. thats a little overboard.. Ive seen viruses peices.. they are just NEON GENESIS EVANGELION.. twisted to say virus.. nothing wrong with that but it prooves the point.. Totem didnt twist anything to say totem.. you can see in his peices.. I wish i knew how to post here i have an old flick of totems that prooves it.. its like disney using old anime for thier movies.. and since they are the most popular they get the credit.. but the real makers are the unsung creators.. im not saying that virus is biting and im not say totem is biting Im sayign that you DASH cant judge totem being in ny.. Atlanta has its own thing and it ISNT ney york enfluenced and if you dont like totem so much and youre in ny.. why not get in touch with TATs and tell them hes a toy and a biter. im sure theyd agree.. hahhaha peace Smacker
  8. Re: Re: Short read about a 15 yr old boy who was beatin and forced to sign a confessi underneith the ribcage in the front where the bones meet in the middle of your chestat the bottom .. soft part. hurts...
  9. best MAKIN MONEY and is not to be confused with the toy totem 2 that came out of ATL MANY years later and took his style from VIRUS AA. man you think that since virus did a peice that was robotic that he invented that style?... didnt mode2 do a robotic style in the late 80s?.. yes he did.. check spraycan art.. you dont know anything about atlanta graff.. or about totem.. you dont know that we didnt have mags before 94.. and even if we had mags they were hard to get. anyway.. if you want to talk about robotic peices being virus shit?.. gundam shit i asked him that once.. when we were cool he laughed and said.. you guys dont know a thing about me.. and those who seen peices in mags first think they are the first.. But im an Asian kid.. i grew up with Gundams before they were popular.. im from where they are from.. the source. since i was 5 years old.. you think that my letters wouldnt be enfluenced by that?.. i drew them scince i can remember.. so never take credit and say youre the first before you really know the truth.. it really stuck with me.. what he said. and i know that he writes 2 for the FC totem.. out of respect. thats all i know but if you look at totems peices.. i wouldnt say virus.. hes too wild for virus... i dont know.. me and totem arent friends.. but it was obvious why.. and my fault.. but you dash have no right to jugde totem.. i bet you wouldnt say that shit around his boys.. and you DEFINATELY cant say that in atl.. oh well.. respect to FC crew anyway.. i like your styles and Virus too Smackone.. Atlanta
  10. oooooohhhh sshhhhiiiiiittttt!
  11. yea my dads okay his club foot got a new kickstand.
  12. Mechanism


    East is Hot!!!!!!.. emit is dope.. but it all kinda looks the same.
  13. Mechanism


    I love you all
  14. Mechanism


    I heard angel busted your ass. and you got hella ego and youre short.. haha i think there are a few other atlanta people who deserve a thread.. more than you .. save .. haze .. jaz .. hense .. ANGEL.. haha
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