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  1. dump some paint on the page and get your sisters hair dry'r and blow the paint away from the piece, unless the piece sucks in which case you would blow the paint on to the piece -option #2 Tape your book to the ground open to the drawing in need. Tape it down about 2 feet behind the rear wheel of your brothers rocker Trans Am (hope he has big wheels in the back and small ones in the front). Dump a pile of paint out on the ground in front and behind the tire so it is touching the tire and the ground. Get in the Car step on the break and slam on the gas pedal. Peal the fuck out! Sprays paint all over the damn place, and can cause a cool effect on your black book that is open just behind the car. *-3 amigos can not promise your parents wont kick your ass for painting the drive way so be ready to move out.
  2. That 2x1 train is by ayslap, the adep train is also ayslap. They write 2x1 because it is two kids that paint the name togather and adep is a crew. They have Santiago locked!
  3. I was drawing on this bitches pants, but I never finished cause we hella fucked before I could complete the drawing. And after I nut, I didnt give a fuck anymore so there was no way in hell I was gonna finish her piece.
  4. Bump for the homie's, pier, fatso, gime, woe, crooks. Sigh Wyse
  5. Cant say I have, but if I had I would post em. Really just wanted to be your first reply on your first post ever in your 12oz life. I poped your cherry!
  6. KERO YUKON OGER ARYS nice post my nilla
  7. Where the hell are the flicks of KOMY and RULE? They burned that shit
  8. OK, heres a few..... If I had a year, i gould post all the Arys freights Ive caught.
  9. Where is ARYS he paints more than any other of the wallnuts, get with it.
  10. I just got back from painting in Sao Paulo, these fools are fucking hard as nails. Farthest from art fag there is. I travel the world a lot and Sao Paulo is the most fucking grimey spot on the planet period. Shit these fools got hang down roller letters of roof tops that will make you slap your momma! Love to have photo's, but the subway moves to fast to catch em. Gemeos was out of town, but we painted with Binho, Presto, Tinho, Grafis, truf and all the rest of the homies. They all got mad respect and influence from Gemeos. True Kings all day long. Did I mention that you cant find many writers who will take you bombing at night. Gotta bomb im broad day light to avoid getting shot. Os Gemeos will take you ladies night bombing if your up to it.
  11. stem erupt stem spade erupt pier yukon
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