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  1. OR.you are lucky to be associated with the production of the game..and then only put your graff in and nothing from anyone else in FX.nice job
  2. dude...half the post is trains.. and this isn't even the fr8 thread.
  3. the FX comment has to be the funniest thing I've ever heard..........
  4. http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/tylt/Newborgfoset%20copy.jpg'> http://www.eukinetics.com/flix/pose.jpg'> Pose has dozens of em...
  5. damn......I want to see your post. I'm sure it will be a history lesson for us all.
  6. nice to see a good response...........chowda.
  7. vizie-lead-caza-slang-newa and a couple others are not in att. att isn't even a crew anymore........and how can you say thats all. you must be better than these guys.
  8. http://www.eukinetics.com/flix/12.jpg'> pose-vizie-newa http://www.eukinetics.com/flix/13.jpg'> newa-rapes-caza
  9. http://www.eukinetics.com/flix/01.jpg'> lead-okae http://www.eukinetics.com/flix/02.jpg'> este-okae http://www.eukinetics.com/flix/03.jpg'> slang-skrybe-rest-give http://www.eukinetics.com/flix/04.jpg'> nace by rapes-okae http://www.eukinetics.com/flix/05.jpg'> emit-vizie http://www.eukinetics.com/flix/06.jpg'> pose-rapes-lead http://www.eukinetics.com/flix/07.jpg'> vizie-caza http://www.eukinetics.com/flix/08.jpg'> emit-skrybe http://www.eukinetics.com/flix/09.jpg'> thrill-rapes http://www.eukinetics.com/flix/10.jpg'> este-es
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