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  1. what happend to free 5 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  2. i agree.. also its a coincidence that ayer(rip) and year are the same exact letters just spelled differntly...both from la...both do crazy stunts...and both have sort of a similar looking style... pretty wierd.. i think this thread is dead... no one really posts anything i think other then my self only a couple of people have posted maybe one flick each...
  3. anyone else has flicks or bumps
  4. heres another one from paint louis http://www.bombingscience.com/graff/yearsj.jpg'>
  5. anyone has flicks to contribute bump
  6. anyone else wanna contribute bump
  7. one more http://www.sixcentz.com/website/photos1/merz_year_kern.jpg'> merz year and kern
  8. some more flicks http://www.sixcentz.com/website/photos1/year.jpg'> http://www.sixcentz.com/website/photos1/year02.jpg'> http://www.sixcentz.com/website/photos1/year03.jpg'> http://www.sixcentz.com/website/photos1/year04.jpg'> http://www.sixcentz.com/website/photos1/year_cycle.jpg'> some more flicks doesn any one else wanna participate and post something........
  9. bump cuz maybe i can find more flicks on him from california so i can post em up...
  10. what state is he from? los angleos? i hard boston before? and i heard hes from nyc? where is he from? and what do u mean by irak is that the crew hes reppin?
  11. keep posting flicks keep posting flicks
  12. another one http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/sienism/YEAR_1.jpg'> i dont know if its an illegal street piece or not but it looks like it is
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