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  1. thats SBF you upstate nerd......call me ya herb we gotta check your drinking, sally
  2. MFELS

    whut whut!

    it is a pretty seamless photo considering its a whole car. either way its a fresh concept.
  3. the second ta last(water damage) is by far the best of those, but i would say work more on your letter structure and not rely so much on cheez effects. but ya switch it up and thats never a bad thing. keep pushing. and show some of this stuff painted.
  4. bump for MES the desa is FRESH POEM rocs and rick is gettin by
  5. house party at my friends house. hooked up with a girl ive jocking for a while. got tipped off a 30 rack of bud(not my choice of beers) woke up this morning got a little more ass from the girl and starting drinking sprite and vodka with my friends. *BOSTON* summer time
  6. MFELS


  7. i dont suppose any of yas could post that Vault interview. i never caught the mag, or seen it around. much appreciated if possible. sorry to get of topic. keep it up JEST
  8. MFELS


    boston kids dont fuck around. Antoine put kids in line and Pierce strepped up. *celticsroc*2002*
  9. DAMN.....fresh cars , nice girls........... where is mammero with the beer? thanks forthe flicks pistol
  10. BEER..... how can you not choose beer???
  11. ***BOSTON*REDSOX*** just like me, tons of talent and potential and never doing a damn thing with it. 2002*WORLDSERIES*CHAMPS***
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