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  1. where on the ups can you get those for free
  2. yroc

    Strickly espo

    just curious- any one have espo's book ? iam getting it soon.
  3. yroc


    those diary entry pieces revs has been doing are really cool
  4. yroc

    Cost'>'> http://at149st.com/images/cost2.jpg'> http://at149st.com/images/revs3.jpg'> http://at149st.com/images/revs1.jpg'> k i uploaded a couple i had and pasted some from that at149st site i can still scan a couple good pics but ill do that later . find pics every one !
  5. yroc


    i have the recent (i think) vapors mag with a story and some good pics on revs. i also found some good pictures last night, once i scan and upload those ill post em here. the shit cost and revs used to (and still do) is soo crazy
  6. yroc


    yup agreed. I am trying to get a decent collection of cost/revs stuff and try to put it all on a website but some of that stuff is hard to find. hopefully i can get some good pictures from here
  7. yroc


    http://at149st.com/images/cost1.jpg'> http://at149st.com/images/cost3.jpg'> http://at149st.com/images/revs2.jpg'> Post all the cost + revs you can find
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