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    Don't know if any of you guys care. But think this is worth mentioning. Hifiart.com is now selling T-shirts of the Hifiart logo. 15 bucks. They look sick. Support a good cause. Hell pretty much every one of the thousands of photos from Hifiart.com make it hear.
  2. i am not complaining. i am making a point. there was tons and tons of blatant hateful words directed to 12oz. that wasn't Hifiart talking about 12oz. that was people who used our message boards talking about 12oz. big difference.
  3. i think it is great when people talk shit about HIFIART. "HIFIART sucks. it only shows graffiti from good writers." "HIFIART sucks. it only has graffiti of san francisco." "HIFIART sucks. they don't even update like they used to." "HIFIART sucks. they won't put my weak ass piece on it." i can't see how people can complain about Hifiart. i just don't get it. i have told people repeatedly over the years. if you don't like it, don't come and if you think you could make a better site, do it - i'll even help you out. i just read a post saying there is tons of graffiti in san francisco and it is lame to just put up tags because there are so many pieces around. i wish i remembered who wrote that but they are dumb. not having a car makes it quite difficult to explore areas outside the inner-city and hunt down photos in an alley somewhere in buttfuck lake view. if you don't have the ability or time to run and operate a website, i understand. i struggle to even have time for the weekly updates. if you live in san francisco and you want to see more graffiti on the site; you want to see more show and event listings; you want more relevant articles; the answer is quite easy, contribute. we never turn down good quality submissions. so instead of bickering and complaining that, "HIFIART didn't photo my "nigguh" on the 22," grab a camera, rack a camera, buy a camera, and photo it and send it in. it's not that hard.
  4. http://www.hifiart.com/ weekly issues. issue #009 now available.

    best writer

    yeh. you can't mess with a '57 chevy.
  6. i think it really comes down to dick size and how many chicks you score with.
  7. where the hell is that?
  8. i have problems using my legs. can you help a poor drunk out and send me a copy?
  9. you sick sick poor person. haha. desk jobs. you damn suit.
  10. i never really hit girls. i just like picking them up and throwing them on the ground. that usually works best. or if they are slapping you, grab their hands and swirl them around, throw her in a cool choke hold and then kick her legs out and slam her head first into the ground. it works every time. guaranteed. como le dice sarcasm? www.hifiart.com
  11. haha. i should have said that. www.hifiart.com
  12. agree. hear definitely does graffiti. siez is just bad.
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