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  1. The director of Audition and Ichi the Killer is Miike Takahashi. I'm actually surprised any of you had seen ichi the killer. If you like the violent side on miike, get your hands on Dead or Alive. Not much gore, but it is his take on action movies. For those who like the disturbing stuff, get Visitor Q. pettyfuck
  2. muhmuhmuhmetal Best Death: Suffocation Grind, Eh? AgoraphobicNosebleed PigDestroyer cattle decapitation benumb naked city(dont argue this one) "Other" Mastadon Brujeria
  3. best show ever. Saw them live for free at my school. titte brothers live 25 foot lactation
  4. don't buy anything by sage francis, unless you like corny garbage. I reccomend everything sole's done, i particularly like "uckrt" if you can find it. Reaching quiet will rock your depressed suburban socks off(assuming you still have yours...i know i do.) I'm sure youve heard cloudded so... um pickup restiform bodies' "sunhopflat" objectbeings? pedestrian? greenthink? depending on where you live these may or may not be obtainable. purtty fuck
  5. bourgeois headhunting dissatisfaction with the locus
  6. yeah its good stuff. but in my opinion, the best thing he's ever done is the photograph for the cover of spiderlands. its fucking beautiful. do you like smog? pityhug
  7. what the fuck? ive mentioned this twice already. is this thing on? p
  8. definitely see audition. pity
  9. sorry mutherfuckers is weaaaak. Tripped out movies? invest in the french new wave. buy(download?) some RW Fassbinder films. Get some early surrealism shit. 70s italian horror. Takahashi miike. motherfucker look up some early melodrama. Douglas sirk. if that shit isn't fucked up to you, YOU DON'T GET IT. My favorites: American Soldier--RWFassbinder Dawn of the Dead--George Romero Audition/Visitor Q/Dead or Alive--George Romero Pityfuck the cinematic snob. killing zombies with a single blow to the head...
  10. John Cage kills it, niggaz. the battle between John Cage and MC Phillip Glass was epic.
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