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  1. IllKilla

    ...Graff Mags

    gaff magazines are wack machines....
  2. i like: revolt eatfuk earsnot twist amaze o'clock and so forth myl and mul are 2 different crews i guess, but i've never heard of myl, or seen anything by them, but i've seen a lot of mul's shit and its dope...
  3. i dont know if i'm feelin atmosphere anymore... slug has total control over it now and he's just tellin me shit about his life i don't really want to know. that new one isn't that great. now overcast, there's a classic because it was actually a group with collaborators, though lucy ford was pretty fresh too.
  4. oh shit and gravediggaz 6 feet deep! a classic. and freestyle fellowship inner city griots was good too
  5. in no particular order: outkast: atliens wutang: 36 chambers dj shadow: endtroducing atmosphere: overcast LP eric b & rakim: paid in full tupac: me against the world nas: illmatic ^ i think some of the most important albums, plus my favorites
  6. IllKilla

    Best PS2 Games

    easily gta3 you need. metal gear 2 is tight and this new shit medal of honor frontline is the shit!! its like saving private ryan the video game
  7. yea they have a huge scottish rite cathedral in my city that i always thought was a church of something, and now i get nervous thinking about all that goes on up in there:confused: :confused: :confused:
  8. its true that most masons are innocent brainwashees, but their network is so large that even if as one mason estimated 5% are corrupt, thats close to 30,000, and that 30,000 are at the top: like supreme court justices, half the fuckin u.s. government, not to mention the world. if they want something done, it's done. a large amount of masons are in the public services, like cops, clerks, judges, and so on. if they want your records, its a couple of strings pulled. if they want to empty your bank accounts cuz of an "error", a couple more strings pulled. if they want you arrested on false charges or plant something on you, a couple of strings. the top dogs or the "supreme council" are very rich and powerful, and through their huge network can get almost anything you can think of done. they also have very weird rituals, and have a fondness for a little guy we like to call LUCIFER. p.s. From Hell was a tight movie and book. the hughes brothers made that shit, the guys who made menace 2 society and american pimp
  9. the freemasons are a secret society, kind of like the skulls from that movie, but a lot bigger. half the founding fathers were masons, and half the senate are today, plus george bush jr. they have strong ties to the kkk and have way too much power and money. check out http://www.tlio.demon.co.uk/masons.htm for some shit, and they have a links site too, and theres a bunch of other mason and anti mason sites. they worship the devil
  10. what yall know about the masons? these mother fuckers are evil and secretly control the world. just look at our dollar bill, its all mason shit. jack the ripper was a mason but they covered it up. i think their secretly behind the world trade shit. check out the book "behold a pale horse" it blows their shit wide open.... i'd like to hear more knowledge on themasons if any of you got some
  11. how bout you just be anice guy and give it to me
  12. tight movie. ment's one of the dudes in it or one of his boys i think... cuz the white kids got tags on his wall and a ment skech on his wall
  13. IllKilla

    Spotted 54

    daver rime setup merc mul e2e seme sigh mber x2 drug
  14. IllKilla

    MUL crew site?

    yeah that shit is mad hot... i always liked their shit. i hear they rock a lot of clean trains out in chicago? i know i see their freights a lot....
  15. IllKilla

    spotted 49

    yesterday: mber cn box sigh flat merc (mul) & tokeo (mul) cr box mul whole car on a cr box (done with rollers i think) wild coal hopper
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