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  1. fizm


    fuck lil jon and all those herbs it means "to ejaculate" it's onomatopoeic.
  2. belongs in third rail, but this bill was approved: http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascityst...ews/6369455.htm --- do you think people would show up to a rally against this? i mean it's a bit of a strange cause, but i think that would get attention for it, and this is a town that seems more accepting of it than most... and i'm sick of bigass political rallies for casues that no one looks at kansas city about... local shit is more important.. so, would it have a chance of happening if the word got spread enough? p.s. i was thinking that since the city wants to charge business owners for it, we could get the word spread to get people to do something about it: 1) have business owners refuse to pay, saying that the graffiti there was legal, and then sue the vandal squad for... you guessed it, vandalism! 8) 2) show business owners the work of a lot of local writers to get more people do some legals... just showing some local support, make people realize it ain't ugly... 3) general presence... i mean, if it was big enough, it's a weird enough cause to get on tv.
  3. delightful. the parking lot with the green is my favorite. yeah, the letters towards the beginning were mediocre, but good enough i suppose.... and there's tons of cats that do pretty much strictly characters, so yeah. good on ya.
  4. fizm


  5. i like the first one and the grey one. blah.
  6. i feel sick... it's almost funny, but a waste of stickers =/
  7. i'm feeling the characters, but not really the letterform... needs to be more cohesive and flowing, give it some motion... i'm going to stop before i start sounding like bruce lee
  8. hence lead seaz and i like that sonet
  9. i enjoy it much. i'll agree that it's not incredibly original, but it's pretty perfected and that's on that end of the creativity vs. skill spectrum. wtf am i talking about? uh.... yeah. i like the green one, it has good details. p.s. i liked nyse from kc's stuff that was like... 4 windows or doors, w/ one letter in each....
  10. this guy must have one hell of a vertical.
  11. i don't really like much of it, but i want to see your simpler stuff. tip: play with the thickness of your lines... most of them have a consistent thickness throughout, which makes it lose any sense of motion. your effects and shit are pretty good. and i like the semi-onorok-looking one the best tip: they need something to hold them together... maybe not symmetry, but some sort of flow to make it look less wandering...
  12. a similar thread: http://www.giantrobot.com/forums/showthrea...&threadid=12040
  13. the general underground. yeah. and.
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