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  1. I SWEAR! I think i said something like: POST SOME PINK SHIT! And before someone bitches about this post, i have nothing against pink.....i use it, you use it, we all use that shit. pink is an ill color
  2. http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/trains/T6.jpg'> Denz can rock a pink http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/trains/fr8_bem010.jpg'> Bem is PINK http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/trains/eselF01.jpg'> EselR rocked the pinks! http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/trains/sipeF03.jpg'> PINK AS FUCK POST SOME PINK SHIT! And before someone bitches about this post, i have nothing against pink.....i use it, you use it, we all use that shit. peace
  3. http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/bomb/dkt-eksyl-bomb.jpg'> Eks Rocks DKT in the colors! http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/bomb/sie-tk-bomb.jpg'> Sier with Purples and Blues http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/bomb/durw-dusk-rwk-bomb.jpg'> RWK must love there Pinks http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/bomb/atlasB01.jpg'> Atlas and Pink http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/bomb/argueB01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/bomb/eksyl-dkt-wilbur.jpg'> Eksyl White and Purple http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/bomb/redB01.jpg'> Red, nah PINK and RED http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/trains/hugeygfreight.jpg'> YGEA Rolls it Mauve
  4. Some Pink Pieces, or Girly Looking Work........ (kind of stole the idea from The Local Lunatic http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/rwkrwksonic.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/sonic-rwk-tk2.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/vb4.jpg'> Sofa gets down with the peach http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/prae-tko-btp.jpg'> Prae Knows All About the Pinks http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/mp25.jpg'> I Smell Mauve http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/asmo.jpg'> ASMO, straight up Pink and Purple http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/ya-unknown.jpg'> YA Crew gets down with the Pink http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/ola-lgf-metal.jpg'> Ola Likes the Pinks and Purples http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/culramorM.jpg'> Culr http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/roseM01.jpg'> Rose using Rose http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/ygeastubM.jpg'> YGEA likes it pink http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/bomb/jaz-rtl.jpg'> Jaz & LM
  5. dont quit your day jobs
  6. Four Reasons why this is a stupid post. 1. Pictures alter colors. 2. Scanners alter colors. 3. Computers alter colors. 4. Everyone on this message board probobly sees a different version of that color. Here's a suggestion, go to the store and find one close to it.
  7. http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/tagssticks/hateTS02.jpg'> Hate http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/tagssticks/colt45TS01.jpg'> Colt 45 http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/tagssticks/krblessomeamazeTS01.jpg'> KR Bless Some Amaze
  8. http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/tagssticks/nateoleayerTS.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/tagssticks/gkaeTS01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/tagssticks/busabpushTS.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/tagssticks/gankTS01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/tagssticks/evolTS01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/tagssticks/gankTS02.jpg'> Gank http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/tagssticks/skrewTS01.jpg'> Screw http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/tagssticks/reelTS01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/tagssticks/riotTS01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/tagssticks/apartTS01.jpg'> Apart
  9. influence is one thing but a forefather is different
  10. how is vox a forefather.
  11. WEST COAST ROBOTICS Some Stuff by the homies Arsen and Deis, CBS FP (Deis's is a bit more 'robotic' i guess http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/arsendeis.jpg'>
  12. seriously....the time it took you to paint the background with spray paint, you could have rolled your background and painted and been done, and probobly had lunch in the middle. hehe.
  13. Screw the contraversy, this is a dank assed thread. The movie was sick too....and the flicks. everything is sick.
  14. Werd....I think I know some friends that may know you....get at me through socalgraffiti@hotmail.com or www.elevashuns.com. peace
  15. The Mac has some dank ass skills. I've never actually seen any letters done by him though. Not that it matters. Hit up some MAC letters if you've gottem. peace;
  16. RAP has some clean can control, but the letters? Are they letters? They look more like structures. enlighten me with your style man!
  17. werd......no comments about the BAMC production? i thought that shit was pretty fuckin fresh, especially for being the only production on that main road. sick spot, sick production. helll yeah.
  18. Werd.....i would make an arsen post with all of my flicks of his, but that would be gay, so fuck it.
  19. http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/walls/darespxkos.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/pozmheven.jpg'> POZM & HEVEN http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/romnekakim.jpg'> Rom Nek & Akim http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/muteranknjekolamold.jpg'> UNFINISHED: Muter Rank Njkt Ola & Mold http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/redeksylryeksram.jpg'> Reds Eksyl Ryek Sram
  20. http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/voxcrayobeat.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/walls/creepinbehind.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/walls/fresogienic.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/arsen&esel.jpg'> More Arsen & Esel http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/walls/modebasheye.jpg'> Mode Bash Eye Brief http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/konkry.jpg'> Kon & Kryst (PCK) THE OTHER SIDE
  21. http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/cbsproduction.jpg'> Deis Esel & Arsen http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/kubkry.jpg'> Kubs & Kryst PCK (straight killed the wall) http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/NV3.jpg'> 2tones and Coax http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/NV4.jpg'> RTN & UTI crews http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/walls/warwrkrobs.jpg'> War Werk & Robse
  22. This is a little BAMC production I came across in San Fernando, CA I would have put them together but I'm a little lazy like that. http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/productions/1.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/productions/2.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/productions/3.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/productions/4.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/productions/5.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/productions/6.jpg'>
  23. huh? that's cool none of the flicks show up
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