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  1. this piece has been running in my book unfinished for quite sometime. I dont think I'll ever finish it...oh yeah, the crack in the center makes everything look uneven, but it all matches up. crack kills. RYEK http://www.elevashuns.com/12oz/ryek.jpg'>
  2. That would be cool to give credits to the flicks though. SoCalGraffiti
  3. dude, this has been the best post ever, mad fuckin ups to that
  4. HERES THE WHOLE VERSION http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/tyke01.jpg'>
  5. Dude, if you didnt want flicks of your girlfriend on the net, you shouldn't have put them up there. Anything you make visible to the public is theirs now too. Probobly should have thought of that one. Its not even that bad anyway dude, fuck, its a fuckin half tit, a bikini is more revealing than that. Now if I was a fuckin DICK, I could put those flicks on the front page of www.elevashuns.com, that's fuckin dicked. I wouldnt do that though. and fuck internet beef as well, thats straight toy shit right there.
  6. I didnt ask for anyones opinion....go to schoool so you can learn how to read
  7. i'll try to get some new shit up
  8. UPDATED DRAWINGS http://www.socalgraffiti.com/12oz/stoneryek2.jpg'> Hooked up a little 3 color fade in the shadow...you're looking at red, orange, yellow (scanners suck). By the way I fuckin ripped that sketch when i took it off that bastardly scanner. Next update will be the background and writing i guess.....if i want to finish that piece of shit. Here are some past drawings from back in the day........ http://www.socalgraffiti.com/12oz/ryk.jpg'> top: RYK (RYEK) bottom: DKT SOME OLD ASS SHIT RIGHT HERE, haha dont front hahaha http://www.socalgraffiti.com/12oz/kelly.jpg'> top: KELY (KELLY) bottom: BINKY (i dunno man, it was for my girlfriend) YAY OR NAY ON MORE?
  9. Re: me likey... I thought my letters were pretty simple....RYEK
  10. YAY or NAY on more sketches? (I KNOW THE K IS FUCKED UP....FUCK IT....THATS LIFE) http://socalgraffiti.com/graf/drawings/stoneryek32.jpg'>
  11. THE MAC The MAC has been one of my biggest influences in characters. I havent seen anything better than what he does. Any one know if he has stuff in the states?
  12. I share some of the same flicks...good flicks of the LA Bombing scene right now.
  13. More Lotus Art http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/lotusGAW(calabassas).jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/lotusGAW(culvercity).jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/lotusGAWwgs(Venice).jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/lotusWGS(calabassas).jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/666lotus.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/pieces/unknown-johnsons-805.jpg'>
  14. Re: Re: NICE Dude, I just like to see boobs. We are on the internet, its not like we can't see boobs. shit, i have a girlfriend, its not like i cant see boobs. i just like to see boobs man, boobs are tuff. graff and boobs is even tuffer. fuck yeah......boobs with graff is tight.
  15. MUCH MUCH BETTER! http://www.elevashuns.com/chick.jpg'> http://www.elevashuns.com/boobie.jpg'> http://www.elevashuns.com/chick.jpg'> http://www.elevashuns.com/boobie.jpg'> http://www.elevashuns.com/chick.jpg'> http://www.elevashuns.com/boobie.jpg'> http://www.elevashuns.com/chick.jpg'> http://www.elevashuns.com/boobie.jpg'> http://www.elevashuns.com/chick.jpg'> http://www.elevashuns.com/boobie.jpg'> http://www.elevashuns.com/chick.jpg'>
  16. RYEKoneDKT


    we know zes rocks.....whats your fuckin point
  18. http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/bomb/unknown02.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/bomb/unknown04.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/bomb/doezcsm276.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/bomb/10-10opt-ya2.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/bomb/ces.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/bomb/eksyl-dkt-bomb.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/bomb/yg01M.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/bomb/safeB01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/bomb/heloe-ipc&jobe-ipc.jpg'>
  19. http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/destM02.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/muteM01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/artM01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/krystkonM01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/destM03.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/fokisreyesM01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/tlokM01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/roseM02.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/natrlpastimeM01.jpg'>
  20. http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/cesapart.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/yanoM02.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/akimromspelM.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/duerredoeM01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/ratasM01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/duemM01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/mutualM01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/koshM01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/unknownM02.jpg'>
  21. http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/esel-arsen-mers-01-metal.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/rank-metal.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/news-pts-bus-metal.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/eks-dkt-metal.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/giantjoltM.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/zesM01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/redoesoreM.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/siekM01.jpg'> http://www.socalgraffiti.com/graf/metal/olaM01.jpg'>
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