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  1. MOE

    The Babble

    RIP I'm Rick James bitch!!!!!!
  2. MOE


    ^ What ^^He Said^^.......
  3. Looking Good by the way NOMAK!http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb/icons/icon26.gif'>
  4. humilty builds character. I've said dumb shit too. What's worse is swingin' on nuts. :beat:
  5. MOE

    Canvas Thread

    makes sense to me dude. Trains are definitely for peicing. The beautiful thing is the time you have to do something grand next to a tag or bomb. Which in my opinion better not be ugly either. Although, 'ups' can and often times do, outweigh style. The two together is the pinacle. And it ain't hard to tell who's got it and who don't. I dont paint many trains but man, i want to. Just cant afford all the paint it takes for multi-color peicing these days. As an adult, my money goes elsewhere.(rent, bills, child support and what not.) As far as stealing cars, firebombing houses and dissing freight peices.....well....I can't help but to find that retarded.:lol:
  6. MOE

    Character Post

    feelin the tagger, the Thor-Bobs and the Tat styles. I'd finish 'em both up before i decide DLOKD. Give your client a choice and he's bound to go with one of them. :D Page 8 for a comic book i'm doing for CKD/shady aftermath. http://www.spaceflowers.com/page8.jpg'> LT and Killah Kalaam I'll post up where to get it once it's printed. In the next couple of weeks or so. peace.
  7. MOE

    Canvas Thread

    it's for nothin' but.... I have clients who commission me for graphic promotional stuff, oil portraits and non-graf related art such as interior theme murals for resturants and bars. Work is good and I have no other job. But when I sell a graff canvas, the buyer has a certain satisfaction from seeing MOE tags, bombs and mural work throughout this city. I would'nt even try to sell or even expect anyone to buy my graf canvases if I did'nt do the real thing. And I doubt anyone would buy them otherwise. In fact....thats the only reason why they sell really. Nothing wrong with selling or not selling your art. I have several peices, not for sale. The only problem I have, I guess is when someone tries to sell graf style canvases and dont actually do graf. Kind of wak and non-authentic. Not pointing any fingers but people who do that know who they are. Do what you love, be productive and let's face it, every artist wants to make a living doing what they love to do. Amen?
  8. MOE

    The Bible

    Lot's of heat on this page.http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb/icons/icon26.gif'> :dazed:
  9. Come to think of it..... If I'm trying something new......it could up to 3 or more hours. Drafting and redrafting letters. I have stacks of paper I doodled with graf that I refer to when peiceing anything from paper to walls. I dont like peicing unless it's a permission on a main street. I'd rather bomb and tag. My shit does'nt always come out the way I want it but I love it too much to stop. Keep'em up!
  10. MOE

    My Works!

    try to keep your lines parallel.
  11. I guess that means the better you are....the bigger the loser. 5 minutes to sketch an outline. About 1 to 2 hours for a full colored page depending on the size of the page. Add more time for characters. 4 second throws. 8 with drops. I try to keep my shit simple.
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