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  1. more on the site.. check them out yourselves though, i dont feel like posting :yuck:
  2. 100+ trains added; http://www.vandalized.cjb.net
  3. www.vandalized.cjb.net Last update had a few trains. Check Session 16. If you got some trains (from Florida please) hook me up. :o
  4. That Air piece is pretty old... :o theres also an interview with Air if anyone wants to check it out... Air Interview
  5. <iframe src="http://vandalized.puregraffiti.com/index/sessions/01-20/08/pages/08-01.html" width="100%" height="700"></iframe> www.vandalized.cjb.net
  6. small ass pictures! :mad:
  7. "Hip Hop as fuck" ... lol, thats wild matrix shit... :D
  8. http://vandalized.puregraffiti.com/index/sessions/01-20/02/images/02-04.jpg'> http://vandalized.puregraffiti.com/index/sessions/01-20/03/images/03-09.jpg'> http://vandalized.puregraffiti.com/index/sessions/01-20/04/images/04-01.jpg'> http://vandalized.puregraffiti.com/index/sessions/01-20/2002-03/images/4-6.jpg'> www.vandalized.cjb.net
  9. Go to your Geocities account and rename the file's name to WHATEVER.txt and then post it. The picture will show up if you rename the extension to .txt :idea:
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