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  1. not out in the states yet. and hope you like the invite to the launch in paris. hahaah. nig
  2. it's not out, only advance copies for people involved with it. and yes, it bangs.
  3. melvinakro


    i dont know who you are cheerleader, i dont see how im trying to take it to you. but anyone who pushes dac besides my team, i got you.
  4. melvinakro


    and that goes for the rest of you fake ass texas dac fools. we the one and only, you treehuggin pretty boy corn flake clay aiken paintfreightsall day homos. this is real graffiti, not you clowns. step to new york you'll have nothing running by the end of the week. i swear to god, stay the fuck out in the boonbdocks. made DACeastcoast
  6. i stopped reading after the first two paragraps, because this guy got his history sooo twisted. 1) sane did not fall from the bk bridge. the spot was made infamous by smith. 2)it's been hit more than three times. 3)kaws is a fucking legend? that list a is a little ridiculous. god knows what else was botched later in the article.
  7. bump for those hot SB tags
  8. reyes is fucking awesome... one of my favorites, and im on a diff. coast...
  9. oh yea sober got that spot!!! you know every time you on the bqe you would see that crappy roller and think someone needs to do it big. free dacrew
  10. is the "nasty nine" phrase only allowed to be used by you ??? you have a copyright on it ? thats absurd. dont be so pretentious.
  11. big ups to comik jedi 5 keeps phame rate etc....doing their thing in bklyn while people sleep....
  12. good looks... good looks jedi 5 and smash, i knew y'all niggas would drop some knowledge and let me know wussup.. BKLYN is wussup ! -mas 1...
  13. fazer or fader??? whos the dude who has stupid amounts of tags in bklyn looks like it says fazer or fader usu. in black ... and this other random shit i see a lot i this "A" fill in with i think rtw in it, anyone know what im talking about ? ? ?? ? that dude ECK also is slept on in my opinion ....
  14. tuma killed it he had a bugged out style, and im pretty sure he hooked up tuma kot.. just an ill random street bomber that i thought of.. yes pow was dope also, and ame cst to name some others that come to mind...
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