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  1. I see no one has hit this thread in like 6 years.. I remember being influinced by this guys shit when I started out. Its getten harder and harder to find pics of this guys stuff, and its sad that the alot of the new generation of writers, dont know who ayer was... Im not even from LA, and he was one of my favorite writers off all time. So many kids now think there hardcore because they hit every mailbox in a city... Ayer is the purest example I can think of what it means to put your body and life on the line to get up.. Toys do your homework and respect a old fallen king....
  2. sticker i found laying around... looks like it was underneith another sketch and got marker all over it... ah well..
  3. ceasoner


    Mr E pukes on yall toy mutha fukkaz hahaha..
  4. NBC stands for nothin but crap/ cause u gotta be kiddin if u think u can rap/ your probably a white suberbon boy tryen to be black/ so get off all the reall niggaz fuckin nutsack/ keep postin raps cause your whackness is funny/ and your more clueless than a bitch hustled for money/
  5. that freestyle was shit.. is this guy serious..
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