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  1. Are you native by any chance? (no racial degredation implied)...
  2. Caltech is where it's at.
  3. Historically speaking the reason indigo was wanted so much is the same reason it became the color of royalty, it was expensive to get. Depending on how you make it now it can be a little more expensive to get, but not a $300 difference. The reason you pay so much for evisu is because it is evisu. That said I'm considering a new pair of evisu jeans or a blazer, probably getting the blazer though. Has anyone read "Napoleon's Buttons"? It's a really good read.
  4. I think he just made it for fun.
  5. Renders made with Bryce correct?
  6. Tribal_Man

    top labels?

    Murses are where its at. But that is the wrong image, and I can't edit my post... The other one is a little less fem.
  7. Good jeans are the shit, but the best feeling pants I have ever worn are from Club Monaco, everyone go try on a pair of their cut 2 or 3 pants, you will love them. That being said I have some small brand french jeans that cost 260, and I almost never wear them because I love my Club Monaco too much.
  8. Tribal_Man

    top labels?

    What I've been wearing lately: Sisley, Club Monaco, Armani. Some other junk, just the usual. Probably going to pick up maybe a couple Gsus shirts on monday or tues. I'm pondering whether I can rock this
  9. There was an Illustrator Thread so... Here's one of mine, made with photoshop and 3ds Max.
  10. It really depends on when you go, and where you stay, that can change the price by large amounts.
  11. Thanks caL i never knew where i heard that my guess is that someone here posted it before because i have never watched sienfield thanks
  12. I read this somewhere and now i can stop doing it TM:Hi this is (insert name) from (insert company) Me: Um... ime kinda busy right now could you give me your home phone number and ile call you later and we'll work all this out ok? take it from there you imagination is the limit! (unfortunately for me thats a bad thing)
  13. never heard of them but ime mass dling them on kazaa right now that guy on the right has sweet hair tho
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