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  1. Oh yeah. And chips/crisps (that's the word, right?) cause cancer too. If you eat 7,5 kilos daily. Yes, someone actually calculated that. The only reason they made their results public so early was to cause a scare and make sure their department got funding for the next five years or so. Some have also speculated that they released these results to scare people into eating more healty food. So I consider this to be total and utter bullshit until I see further proof that eating fried potatoes now and then actually increases the risk of me getting cancer.
  2. Do not eat yellow snow. :king:
  3. It was kind of good actually. It helped a bit against the suicidal thoughts I actually never told him about (I would have gotten into deep shit if he knew, because I was a minor and therefore he could get me more or less locked up if he thought I was a hazard to my own health :eek: ). But you know, it always helps to talk to someone. A psychologist is sort of an educated listener. And the more you talk the easier it becomes, you know. ;)
  4. Timberland pants, the kind where you can remove half of the legs and turn them into shorts. I think I have lost the leg parts... :D White tour t-shirt from Lars Winnerbäck's (swedish singer, really damn good) summer tour 2000. It's small but who cares? It was free! Some kind of cheap dark blue boxers. Dark green socks. (soon, I won't wear any of that, 'cause I'm going to bed.)
  5. Was that Swedish? :P Usch och fy. :D But I agree, that was a disgusting joke... great! Edit: Gotta learn to distinguish between :P and :P. :D
  6. Lina


    My cellphone has Tetris on it. Ooooh yeea! :D :king:
  7. WARNING: mad rant! Stuff like this really sucks. US forces drop a bomb on a wedding in Afghanistan, some madman starts shooting at LAX, organized terrorists fly huge airliners into two of the most well known landmarks in the world, someone I don't think they've identified yet sent letters filled with anthrax to people. And people who don't deserve to die gets killed. It's sickening. Even more sickening is the fact that after 9/11 a lot of my friends, who know that I have quite anti-american views, asked if I thought it was a good thing. I actually punched one of my friends in the guts for asking that. And I'm not a violent person, quite the opposite, but it felt like he asked me if I liked to see innocent people die. What I don't like, though, is the way the US government uses it's power and refuses to acknowledge (sp?) it's mistakes. Listen here: the US government froze the assets of a couple of Swedish citizens who were affiliated with a banking network that was said to fund terrorists. And the US government told the Swedish government that they were sure that the swedes were guilty of all the charges and blah blah blah. But they never produced any actual evidence! And it gets better. Because the US government basically told these people that they were guilty until proved innocent. Which is a real bitch when you don't even know what you're accused for. And right now it's still illegal to even give these guys money! They have families, they have little children! It's just so sick. Okay, this became a mad political rant, but the point I wanted to make is that innocent people gets killed and that they shouldn't. Terrorism is shit, whatever form it takes. And just to clarify my views: I don't have any particular thoughts about US citizens, but I dislike the way the US government runs it's international affairs. They have a massive (monetary) debt to the UN, even! And the government refuses to send soldiers on UN missions unless the soldiers won't be trialed for war crimes in an international court. That basically means that if the UN wants american soldiers, they have to let the soldiers shoot and rape as many women and children as they want, kill prisoners, and shit like that. That's sick too. This world is sick. I think I'm going to take som drugs and stare at the wall for a couple of hours now. See y'all tomorrow. Or something.
  8. People usually don't give me nicknames. The ones I can remember are: Knarkarn (The Stoner, basically) Mackan med ost (Cheese sandwich. People started to call me Mackan (The Sandwich, resembles my name somewhat), and then one of my friends added the Cheese to it. :D ) That's about it... Oh, one of my friends usually use my tag instead. Which is bloody stupid, but a bit fun since it's a real name, and a girl's name as well. :D
  9. This is really freaky to read, because I had a dream once about stuff like that. One was about this weird place, a museum of Russian fear. Really strange. When I looked at the exhibits (mostly empty glass cases, some of them had small figurines (is that a word in English or am I mistaken? :rolleyes: ) in them) I got a different kind of fear. Really weird. And I had a dream when I was younger that I was chased around a hotel by these two cartoonish faces that came out of the walls and laughed at me. And one part of the dream included jumping down a staircase. weeeeird... :eek:
  10. The problem in Stockholm (and I think it will be your problem soon, too) is that there are so many cameras. I've heard that there are two on each side of the displays that show the name of the next station, and someone also said that there are cameras hidden behind ventilation grates near the ceiling. I think the system is designed so that you can see the same spot from as many cameras as possible, so it'll be hard to disable. But by all means, sticker those suckers! :D Also, I think the cameras shoot 1 frame/s, but that's usually enough to identify someone. Which can be a good thing, since they use the tapes to identify rapists and robberers and other kinds of assorted scum, too. They aren't specifically designed to catch us writers, you know. ;) Edit: spelling! I'm from Sweden, remember? :P
  11. ...and here in Stockholm they are working their asses off to kill the inside bombing culture (as some people I know refer to it. :)). The new subway cars (vagn 2000) are great in every aspect - they're about twice (or is it four times?) as long as the old, they're silent and a really smooth ride - but the whole inside is covered by cameras. That sucks big time. You can't bomb them 'cause at the end of the day someone checks out all the cars, and if there is a tag anywhere they'll skim through the days recordings of that spot until they see the guy who did it. Then they give the tape to the cops and... well, you can figure the rest out for yourselves. And sooner or later, they will replace all the old cars with these new ones... a very scary thought. (By the way, I will try to go tag-hunting in the subway tomorrow or early next week. I will post all the good flicks here or in a new thread.)
  12. That reminds me of something I used to drink: Cold tea with milk and sugar, and a generous amount of Koskenkorva Pink Cat. I think it should be named "I'm Too Depressed To Care". :D I don't drink too often actually, but when I do rum and coke is always nice. And expensive imported beer, too. English, preferably. :cool:
  13. Yeah, sort of. I broke up with this girl that I really loved, and it was a messy affair. And it hurt me a lot because I loved her like crazy and she pretty much wanted to kill me. And then a "friend" of mine starts seeing her. That's felt just fucking great. He could at least have waited a couple of months, and not lied to me about it for two weeks. Not to mention the fact that there are about 10 million unconfirmed (and pretty much unconfirmable) rumours about them having an affair even before me and her broke up. So a month ago I just said "Fuck you all" and stopped talking to like 50% of my friends, because they were starting to defend my ex-girlfriend's point of view, even though we had been friends for many years. That sort of sucked. But yeah, I can relate to what you're saying. Kick his ass if you want to, it'll probably make you feel better. :D
  14. My ex-girlfriend cooks great food, so probably anything she cooks. Unfortunately she would probably try to kill me if she saw me, so coming over to her place for lunch is out of the question. :D But I'd have to say that I love leftovers. Anything that's been sitting in the fridge for a couple of days is nice. :dazed:
  15. Lina

    heatwave Footware!

    http://www.webhack.nu/ambien/converseihallen.jpg'> I love these shoes, even though everyone who's "fashionably depressed" has a pair. :rolleyes:
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