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  1. Snk you're never on aim what up with that... I hate the sun I hate the heat I can't sleep at night... if anyone wants to go up to the lake give me a call or msg me... peace
  2. I would talk on aim with you guys but none of you are ever on... did you guys get lifes and not tell me =(
  3. Whoa I am hung the fuck over... you missed a pretty crackn party last night... thanks snk I got your screen name from Mr. penis after he reprimanded me... anyways fame tipping? LOL... JK@ anyways I got court today woot woot Eyezer
  4. ctrl is it your first name and last all together no spaces?
  5. Fame is the last three characters of your sn I7k?... is that you?
  6. I am sure we all could say something about this and that but if you know glus you would know that he would be pissed to know we're talking about his personal life... so whats new with you fame? weathers been nice but I have been working all weekend no time to enjoy it... snk you know where I work you should stop by today... we could trade #'s or something peace Eyezer
  7. uh... glus like moved away... he had a bbq and everything with his ex gf's family and shit I was suppose to go but I had to work... unless he decided he didn't want to go or something came up word was he was leaving on the fifth and he was suppose to kick it with me on the fourth but ended up camping with his ex and shit... I hope he had second thoughts and decided to stick around but I have a feeling he is gone =( snk hook me up with your screen name yo Eyezer
  8. Snk it means do you have an aim screen name for chatting... Those upsk kids are dope... I miss glus... good luck homey!
  9. Hey mad scientist you got a sn? Fame don't forget the 2 *wink*
  10. HAHA I think I watch too many movies... HORSE SHIT is from Big Daddy I just threw that in for whatever reason... Well fucking Tyler he comes and he goes...
  11. Thanks for laughing fame that was Matts fault by the way for pushing back in that shit... and Tyler coming into town is none of my business? Tyler and I have been friends for a grip... HORSE SHIT!
  12. LOL you two crazy guys crack me up... Spokane... I don't know what to say
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