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  1. The boob pictures are great. looks like you're the life of the party main.
  2. is there a thread for this already?? oh well it was cool i downloaded 3 porn movies in the meantime. San Antonio like whoa! platinum grills.
  3. THEdude


    hell yeah! woop woop that one hater ruined your thread nigga.:mad:
  4. THEdude


    how bout em Spurs motherfuckers?!:mad:
  5. http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410city4/city/city241.jpg'> http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410city5/city/city256.jpg'> http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410city4/city/city235.jpg'> http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410city4/city/city224.jpg'> http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410city4/city/city221.jpg'> just some more cause Grand is a cool niggu.
  6. Maybe adding a bit more to your backgrounds? but I think the shit you got there is exactly what your canvas deserved, awsome. :king:
  7. 1st and 3rd are my favorites, props.
  8. THEdude

    My Main manz

    manz? this is my boy manz ASR http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410sketch/sket/sket25.jpg'>
  9. nv is not dead, i saw him, or did i? :confused:
  10. just try to do any kind of movement, ex: like just try to move your arm real hard, i think it works, you snap out of it.
  11. it's called passion you fuck heads, go play basketball and spank yo selfs.
  12. oh please!!!!!!!!!! :mexican: dude is wack.
  13. my favorite team is Argentina (no im not from there) when I was 7 I saw how close argentina was to being the world champion, damn that day and the following weeks sucked. I also dig Brazil, nicest "futbol" in the world. man u.s. tv sucks, the spanish stations show some games sometimes, mostly reruns though......:( man i dont know crap about "futbol" nomore, i havent watched a real game in years, oh by the way real was my fav spanish team too. :p
  14. soccer sound weak, stupid word.....who made it up? viva el futbol! why just an european thread? make it world wide.
  15. http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410sketch/sket/sket07.jpg'> Kaos APK http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410sketch/sket/sket11.jpg'> Kaos APK http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410sketch/sket/sket23.jpg'> Epnos ASR some sa stuff...... I was bored.
  16. THEdude

    My Piece

    I like it, I see the letters, and no being a girl doesnt mean anything, but I give her props, the few girl stuff that i see is wack, and no im not talking about any of the girls from this site. Stop being necias, the letters are there. peace
  17. damn.......... this thread really disappointed me, but I have always been told to stick with what you like??? I'm not good at math, english, shit i fucking suck (that's the reason i;m doing this shit, it was the only thing logical for me)......I was wondering what other options you guys would go for instead of graphic design..... :o
  18. suck a dick faggot. all countrie suck we RULE. put this war shit and the prsident aside, and for real you can't complain about this country.
  19. http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410sigs/sigs/sig12.jpg'> not west coast, just says west side on it. lets all go c walk now.
  20. Just adding some. http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410city4/city/city205.jpg'> http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410city4/city/city193.jpg'> http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410city3/city/city169.jpg'> woop woop!! http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410city3/city/city170.jpg'> that previous post is gay as fuck, what the fuck are you doing peeping shit like that?
  21. I think he's habernating (spell?) :D
  22. http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://texasagents.tripod.com/citiesoftexas/sanantonio/Untitled-Stitched-09.jpg'> sylo mega manz quot never finished :(
  23. http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410walls2/walls/piece81.jpg'> Diget Rtd http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410walls2/walls/piece84.jpg'> Quot Kam http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410walls2/walls/piece74.jpg'> Sylo Asr Kws http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410walls/walls/piece55.jpg'> Kep Sha Asr http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410walls/walls/piece39.jpg'> Manz Asr Swk Apk Kam and so on and so on............. http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410walls/walls/piece45.jpg'> Evol Kaos Apk http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410walls/walls/piece16.jpg'> Kaos Apk http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/p410walls/walls/piece04.jpg'> Duo Laws (unfinished) well he finished but i never got a flick All from Physical FourTen yo Urban, are you wale??? whats up nigga>?
  24. all stolen from Physical410 http://www.fototime.com/{4240FF27-4CDB-46C5-9F43-7F68FBB6C89F}/picture.JPG'> Oar Duo Shine http://www.fototime.com/{73C241C8-E019-4142-A3E8-95513C8EF5AF}/picture.JPG'> Kaos http://www.fototime.com/{9D698968-5254-43EB-AA2F-B7D23EC1B590}/picture.JPG'> Kaos http://www.fototime.com/{3732729A-9A4F-4272-B33A-35FC4A259211}/picture.JPG'> Supa http://www.fototime.com/{7693E1BA-BE12-4847-B584-561925AFB4E9}/picture.JPG'> Skab http://www.fototime.com/{A097C0BA-4C46-4125-B142-D3A360BFD104}/picture.JPG'> Duo http://www.fototime.com/{87DEB767-7DA8-4D7F-A213-C87BD96709F9}/picture.JPG'> Hek http://www.fototime.com/{DFA34FA6-6ED5-4ECB-BC38-3B57089A21DF}/picture.JPG'> Duo http://www.fototime.com/{BBB23F09-3206-4939-B130-CC861C4AE674}/picture.JPG'> Desr http://www.fototime.com/{C0D35574-0C78-4B5E-8474-CAB878F76BE8}/picture.JPG'> Sen more later.... i dont know im bored.:o
  25. i saw it, it was boring also on the movie mostly everyone is black......in the audience almost everyone is white hahaha when i went outside you can see all these white folks bumping eminem music, lol, brainwash! I love hiphop but this type of shit is fucking gay, and payroll can suck my dick. fuck you. eminem is dope or not I dont give a fuck, the problem is we have a shitload of faggot ass white kids that dont know who the fuck typical cats are that are out there acting hiphop ish or whatever that is thats gay man oh and oce again payroll sucks my dick, and everyone else gets sloppy seconds fuck you :)
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