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  1. ahhh! thank you sir! pardon my ignorance...
  2. I've been thinking about getting a monopod to carry with me, the tripod is cool but you know, it's bulky and blah blah.... what do you guys think? is it pretty stable? it looks a little shaky to me... but it looks alot easier and accesible.... someone give me some feedback main... optimus damn, always on point b, philth, coffee, jbrsh great stuff from everyone... :king:
  3. are you talking about saving a legacy file? i believe is: save as> ai legacy>, then choose what version you want to save it as...
  4. I'm all LATE... * The view outside from the closest window to your computer. (so why did I think my curtains were a better idea? I bet your dying to see what's outside....... maybe not). * Something broken. * Something that represents where you are from. * Machines at a construction site. (Close enough). * A material object that is of sentimental value to you. It had potential, but I just slacked. Sorry. 5 out of 7 or something. Maybe next time.... BTW nice shots Philth and Pfffffft ps nice job at the grocery store (wink wink) P.
  5. MANS... Any damn day of the week. :king:
  6. I'm bored, damn feelin everyone's posts... ckit great series... My fav was the one with the water reflection, and the one with the 2 posts on front. cekone that third pic is good. the insider second snow flick rage the second shot of the suv with its lights on is dope. optimus prime last 3 pics philth that tunnel shot johnny ballbags first shot is tight jjc first shot of them flowers, love the colors ods1 plane pic is cool yeah, i AM bored... btw is anyone going to posts anything for that picture hunt?? just wondering, it sounds like it could be real good.
  7. Damn, this thread always makes my day... awsome last few pages! well here's a few from a few hours ago... p.
  8. That Kaos was there long before that show ever happened.
  9. Thanx Sabe, appreciate all the suggestions, believe me man I take every suggestion into concideration, you can learn a great deal from people, thanx for the link I will check it out... Good luck on your show, that shit sounds mad exciting! that's where I would like to see myself in a few years, having a show here and there... well here is this thing I found on my comp, from a drwII class... havent drawn much like I said.... pretty old not really great but just to post something:
  10. hey man I appreciate the suggestions, honestly I need to draw more like you said, I have been slacking a bit... I guess I've just been trying to move on to painting from drawing and drawing, acrylics just happened to be there, probably will try oils as soon as I get some things down... again this thread is great to get motivated.... but yeah practice is everything... thanks... anyone got any links on color theory?? that seems to be my biggest setback...
  11. Sabe2005 BUCKFUSH MESTHREE I love your work, really good. My favs are sabe's and buck's portraits... awsome and mesthree I love your dog! anyhow, I've been trying to use acrylics myself, really amateur still, lots of problems with my colors, this thread is motivational to try harder haha
  12. yo Bike... the first beach shot I think is pretty good that's my fav, the other one I would like to see it without the sunlight on the right, the spray ones are good just too grainy I think, it takes away from them, good stuff though, and yeah I'm not very good at crits... I know what you mean about no one giving you any feedback, I guess there's just so much to see sometimes, that's kinda all I ever really do, just view, I check this page about once a day, stare for a while... anyhow these are super old. I think this one would have been better without that waterhose
  13. no doubt man, that phone is pretty nice... nice shots. and yeahhbaby that's dope.
  14. DAMMMNN... This page got started with some awsome shots. I dig all of them, but the beach shot with the horizon.... damn!
  15. couple months old. ya got this thread on fire. Great flix.
  16. Ya kids are wreckin it... mad props to everyone. This thread and the figure drawing one are great. I finally decided to post some stuff, it's all digital Canon Powershot S2 IS, only thing I did on ps is the border... I guess if you can tell me what I need to work on(or look for) as far as seeing createvly, I've been looking at some books and whatnot but a lot of ya seem to know the hawt shit, I'm mad amateur btw... and Philth, props on your site, I take a load of flix for sites too but mine are simply point and shoot... P.
  17. forget all that shape crap. the easiest way to add borders in photoshop is by resizing your canvas to a fraction of an inch (of a few pixels) larger than your image. IMAGE>CANVAS SIZE just make sure your background color is whatever color you want the border to be. *edit. page 125, you sluts. Quoted post [/b] create a new layer above the one your image is in then ctrl + a, since it's empty it will select up to the border, then edit> stroke... menu window comes up... then for width select the number of pixels you want the border to be (I chose 2 px), then select inside for location... also you can choose the color there... btw I'm using Photoshop V. 8.0 (remember since its on top it will cover the width of the border from your image, but what the hell do 2 px matter anyway huh?) that's how I got this border, I think that's what your talking about huh? by the way to everyone that posts in this thread, I usually come in here every few days and see the latest posts, alot of you know a great deal... I'm just a point and shoot digital person, but one day.... one day... I took that flick with this new digi I got, Canon Powershot S2 IS great pictures :king:
  18. THEdude

    San Anton

    I wish I would of had a cam back in the day for all the Skab...
  19. Scream shit to people while you drive through downtown. I noticed San Antonio gets hated on alot, even the spurs... and they're in the finals, go figure. Oh well.
  20. oops, i wrote the same crap twice somehow. *delete.
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