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  1. I got a nice christmas story today I wrote off my truck, and should probably be dead and who says ford doesn't build solid vehicles?
  2. JohnnyHorton


    50cc dirt bikes are so much cooler than bmx
  3. A local bar bottles there own brand called 'Wobbly Pops' not bad at 2:30 am buying offsales, but just don't start the night out drinkin em
  4. my ringtone is sparta - air i don't care if it annoys you, my phone rings so quiet i hardly hear it half the time
  5. hey milton! I have the exact same problem as you do homie my ex wants me back in a bad way... but theres a new broad who wants me to lay some bricks you know what they say... nothing beats old pussy like new pussy... but thats pretty much all the new girl is. pussy. and milton, if you hook up your friend she's going to want the old relationship. you don't wanna bounce from a year plus relationship right back into a new one... so if you don't mind losing ol girl as a friend, smash.
  6. happy birthday duderrrr i had my 22cnd exactly a month ago
  7. i have my ankle to my knee done up my left leg. i need to get it all redone. a lot of it is healing over. Quoted post [/b] was it you that got that broad from the exorcist scarred onto you? I know someone from 12oz did repost that shit if it was you, I want to see how it turned out no offense, but the first pics you took of it, it was looking pretty hurt
  8. in canada it's cheaper to fly to europe than it is to fly across the country
  9. HA! Who would have thought? The japanese teaching each other how to satisfy women via video games. HA!
  10. I'd think A's holds out because B signed it, and you didn't say shit about A signing B's form ....
  11. I got snitched on by a white person but I'm white myself. That shit doesn't matter...
  12. show her this thread, then tell her to fuck off
  13. I used to work in a convenience store. I had this other scam though... Lottery tickets are always scanned into a machine to see if they are winners or losers. So I'd scan peoples tickets and tell them they were losers and pocket their lottery winnings. It was only a couple dollars at a time but that shit added up over time. It's the same with impatient people in the morning who didn't want to wait in line to pay for their coffee, they just throw the dollar at you. Thanks for your donation!
  14. HAHA!! NOT A CHANCE!! Quoted post [/b] I found you on myspace before and by before I mean sometime last week
  15. pounded home for effect
  16. you've never heard of taco time ? 99cent taco tuesdays
  17. the only thing worth watching is the broad who does the hula hoop dance
  18. no doubt! I live in a pretty high cost of living area, and I have this homie who hasn't had a job in well over a year. He makes all his rent payments and pays for his way playing poker online. Seriously... this guy cashes 3500 cheques weekly and always has around 4-5 grand sitting in his online account on top of that. Dude makes his living by taking other peoples money.... mother fucker hey ?
  19. electrical engineering it is NOT the major to be in if your looking to have a good time. uughhhhhh Quoted post [/b] I work with electricians alllllll day long and let me tell you... hahahahahah you picked quite the trade buddy, quite the trade you'll make good money pretty much wherever you want to work... but a lot of it is outisde (if you want to make *good* money) with lots of overtime and 12 hour days you have to sell your soul to make the big bucks
  20. i meant the name of the song not the artist that used to be on the much dance cd from 94 or 95 i think brought me way back, my sisters used to play that alllllllllllllllllllll the time
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