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  1. calling ecstasy by its chemical compound's name doesn't make you any cooler for doing it, you raving pussy.
  2. searched panties found this
  3. white toronto canada undershirt long sleeve tommy button down a dkny knit sweater some 4 you jeans fruit of the loom boxer-briefs white socks and i've been wearing c1rca lopez's for the last 3 years
  4. thats not symbols ballsack it might be a different mod's ballsack though symbols has the meat curtains not the hairy scrote
  5. now thats a little better you can do it
  6. I like the cans of paint in the bag next to the "stolen" baguettes.
  7. shouldn't you be going front to back? you know.. to avoid bladder infections?
  8. tell your homie to get his hands on some viagra if he just wants boners
  9. here's what I did... got smashed courtesy of my friends went back to a homies apartment with my girlfriend and several other friends hit the bong puked over his balcony hit the bong again went home with my girlfriend layed the bag slept woke up layed the bag again hangover caught up with me at this point
  10. I remember I took this one kid's job at a convenience store after he got fired for selling smokes to an underaged person working for the provincial gov't doing the same thing
  11. my beard is kickin your beards ASS geezpot
  12. if I had 2 bucks for everytime I heard one of my friends say they were going to quit, or wanted to quit, fuck I'd be rich
  13. think the 06 edition will make it to 89 pages ?
  14. I think most power metal is silly but... 3 inches of blood is easily the best metal band of this nature
  15. you're the one that brought it up homie something you need to get off your chest ?
  16. darkest hour - this will outlive us
  17. look at the pics from your celly thread to see my whipeout
  18. you need to drop your emoticon bit.
  19. :lol: using maggots to clean a wound is grimey but I heard the dutch are all about that by watching the ole discovery channel
  20. I'm sitting in my room smoking pot (it's cool cause it's hesh's thread right?) doing nothing. It beats being out spending money I don't really have on booze, though.
  21. but how do you convince someone it's a good idea to put a basketball in their asshole for free ?
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