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  1. check out what I did to my truck two days before christmas: Side impact collision with a 5-ton flatdeck.
  2. ^ just for mentioning it your probably already on the list and i will be too for replying to you except i'm canadian so i'll be considered a dangerous foreigner and the next time i'm flying out of the united states i'll be held up at customs by several large security guards
  3. drinks don't work pills don't work this is what works: quitting smoking the pot much daily exercise (your best bet is cardio) and water intake seriously 5 days before a test you're fucked, so find somebody with clean piss and buy some pocket hand-warmers
  4. demons don't infect you with parasites causing trichonosis
  5. aha all I was saying was cook your food before you eat it, and it will always be kosher that sounds more sensible to me than not eating hooved animals because the "devil has hooves"
  6. I've done this MORE than a few times for a little bit of flavor I throw on ham or bacon or something mmmm mmm pork
  7. the bible was written when people still confused parasites with demons.
  8. i was just joking i myself am a lift truck operator at the moment i have a homie who does parts for john deere's too
  9. you don't cook chicken you get salmonella you don't cook pork, you get trichonosis common sense here people. cook your fucking meat.
  10. I think this is a Greek thing Your not the first Greek person I've come across to say something along these lines
  11. homeboy on the right looks like he's rolling a joint
  12. ^ I see a lot of people complaining about their ipods crapping out what the hell do you people do to your stuff? I've had my ipod for over a year now probably closer to two, it goes snowboarding with me twice every weekend and my shit has never had any problems
  13. all I have to say is... thanks australia, for the 4 gayest men in the world
  14. the first bboy i saw with the awkward (i guess circus) style was orb from circle of fire... their whole crew was kind of oddball styled though
  15. I'm pretty sure anybody who's been through highschool has noticed the AJ in action
  16. multiply it by 2.2 you retarded fuck. you americans DO know how to do basic math functions right ?
  17. thats called being AJ'd (authority jam) this is awesome in public when you see someone wave to somebody else who completely misses it then the wavee looks sheepish as fuck and hopes nobody saw them get AJ'd, but when they see you laughing..... they know
  18. isn't it a lifestyle ? the zero skateboards lifestyle? long hair and tight pants, basically looking like a dirtball? edit: typo
  19. drinking solo is A-OK with me. it usually only starts solo anyway, if i get drunk with myself i can only stand myself for so long before i need some better company.
  20. hands down the sausages skit. sausages..... we need more sausages!!!!! gold. [no homo]
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