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    I'm watching right now
  2. what? how they built gothic churches and castles in the middle ages is no mystery
  3. ^ tomatoes taste like water to me
  4. it's called the bboy stance
  5. apart from formatting, I am pretty sure exponents are expessed like this: x^2 would be x to the power of 2. yadig?
  6. FALCOR BITCHES edit: oh shit, I just realised you meant the evil one he dubs with a glass shard. that scene was intense when I was young, many nightmares inspired by that.
  7. shortest straw harvester of sorrow and the first time you heard blackened?
  8. shit is expensive, and useless if you wash your hands and take vitamins
  9. well gliko opinions are like assholes everyone has one, most of em stink i think porkchop is good lookin, i don't think every chick on 12oz is uberhot status
  10. you saying you don't think porkchop has it going on?
  11. just to clarify... (not singling you out either, your post just made me think of this) a lot of people say I don't drink pop but I do drink juice... juice is just as bad as pop\soda on the sugar tip.. but it doesn't have all the caffeine
  12. no no I'm not saying you have a beard... I'm just sayin jewish girls have to wax the upper lip more often... yahdig?
  13. hahahaha I'm not hating, but... theres that jewish heritage
  14. I can't really talk about any bicycle accidents... skateboarding accidents on the other hand, I know all about those
  15. by the way bleach is oxygenated. NaOCl. Don't mix this with ammonia or you will kill yourself with the vapors, or cause an explosion. NaCl is table salt. harmless. unless your a slug!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I used to smoke weed, and I drank one of those $50 drinks and it worked. The thing is the test didn't come back clean, it came back as inconclusive. I think the tests themselves are costly to employers but they do it for insurance and liability reasons and more so as long as it doesn't come back as "positive" they can't just probe at you assuming it will happen... Quoted post [/b] Let me clarify: Where I'm from the employers spend more than 20 dollars for a testing kit, and any masking agents\cleansers won't pass the test. they are too sensitive for that. I myself used a brand of fake urine to pass the only drug test I've ever taken. I watched the results unfold before my eyes. Basically if the line shows up, that drug is not in your system. The THC line was very, very, VERY faint... and the nurse looked at me cock eyed but said it was enough for a pass. BTW if you test "inconclusive" for most employers in my region you will be asked to re-test with a lot less privacy this time around. Sure-fire way to pass a drug test: a) clean up with plenty of time before hand. common sense: smoke pot again after you pass. it's all good, if you have to quit for 2 months you'll get stupid high when you start smoking again.. b) use a clean friends urine and don't fuck it up. start a pocket handwarmer 1 hour before hand and tape it around a plastic bottle or vial small enough to fit into your underwear. place it under your balls.
  17. left the wheel on the highway yeah that was a gnarly accident, I walked away from it fine though
  18. the only reason retards shouldn't have kids is the fact that if they can't (or can barely) take care of themselves they obviously won't be able to deal with a crying baby. or understand the responsibilities of being a parent. etc, etc. this thread reminds me of a thread seym made years ago. remember his church posts?
  19. you said it best dude you put yourself out there she knows what she's missing, so i suggest you move on
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