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  1. I'm just not down with runny eggs I mean... its an embryo and.... gah
  2. I thought pretty much everybody gets seasonal depression
  3. you didn't get drug tested? or is that not a problem for you
  4. I thought you were working closer to where I live your on the other oilpatch then... what are you doing exactly? and who are you working for ? theres mad jobs here too...
  5. dude where are you working now? i mean... which oil patch
  6. Maui heads, specifically kihei, I need some local help email me squeezefirst@gmail.com
  7. pizza hut is the most hurtin greasy pizza ever and they can fuck off with their shitty pizza gimmicks. its all about the local pizza joints. preferably a greek-owned one.
  8. WHAT YOU SHOULD INVESTIGATE IS WHO THAT LITTLE WHITE TABLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BOX IS FOR. IS THAT FOR THE ROACHES? Quoted post [/b] thats to keep the box from sagging onto your pizza because of the steam fool
  9. only all the time!!! if you moved into the library where'd you put your stuff ??
  10. I thought this thread was going to be about ... for some reason
  11. weren't you called jungle cat or something?
  12. 3 day week next week bitches. 4 day week the one after that. And I'm getting paid for not being there... WHAT!
  13. well this would never happen why you ask? because you have to spend some time getting to know HIV before you can hang out with AIDS.
  14. dude trailer park boys is gold for what it is home video improv if you can find the episode where bubbles wrestles cory and trevor as the green bastard or conky edit: if your expecting anything like kids in the hall you will be sorely disappointed.
  15. its not too hard to find something she's painted she has flicks allllllll over the internets you just have to know what she writes ? haha
  16. what??? edit: hey dazzle i'm gonna be in town next thurs to monday
  17. pretty much, I thought that was obvious
  18. from the c-murder thread i fixed your typo though
  19. JohnnyHorton


    that one was kind of weak i didn't pay 100% attention though. too much drama in that one, not enough blasting terrorists!!! my favorite thing about 24 is the blatant propaganda
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